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Last updated on May 21st, 2022 at 06:04 am.

This is for you if you’re new to Vultr. New customers can get Vultr $100 credit.

Vultr $100 code

Use the button below to claim your $100 credit. This amount will be added to your account once you sign up and activate your account.

What is Vultr?

Vultr is a cloud hosting provider. If you need a server to run a website or an application you can create your account and then deploy a server. 

You can install Windows or any Linux server distribution on your server.

Does Vultr support ISO uploads?

Yes. If you have a custom operating system, you may upload it on your Vultr account through a URL. Once you upload the ISO file on a publicly accessible server, you can add it to your account and use it to deploy a new instance.

Is Vultr easy to use?

Vultr has a modern dashboard that is easy to use. Spinning up new servers and managing them is quite easy. The interface is user friendly and you can find your way around the dashboard with ease.

Take advantage of the Vultr $100 code and use it to host your website.

What types of servers are available

VPS servers : The most used Vultr product is called Cloud Compute. These are basically Virtual Private Servers.

Bare Metal Servers : It’s like renting a physical computer on their data centers. They have data centers located in multiple locations.

Dedicated Cloud : These are high performance Virtual servers with a limited number of users on them. VPS with few or no neighbors.

More products provided are : Object storage, Block storage, Load Balancers and Vultr Kubernetes Engine.

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Are Vultr Servers reliable?

Vultr has very reliable hardware. Having used them for over 4years I can confidently say that they have reliable servers. In my opinion they have more reliable servers than both Linode and Digital Ocean.

About this Vultr $100 Credit

This $100 Vultr promo is provided to affiliates only. You will not find this promo link on any Vultr web page. As an affiliate, the link is provided on the Vultr Affiliate dashboard. To get this offer before it is ended, click the button below to claim it. (Claim this offer below. It is rightfully yours).

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Once you setup your account using the Vultr $100 code, feel free to check out the following resources I’ve created in the past. If you have any questions, feel free to reach me.

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