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Last updated on January 15th, 2020 at 05:42 pm.

Video captions :

Hi and welcome to another video. In this
video I’m going to show you how to create a SHopify product , go ahead and log
into your store . for me I will go inside of my development stores and I
want to log into this store.

I can just click on login . So we’ll look at all the
other things about products. If you go under products here you’re going to see
that we have different things.

You can do collections, you can create collections.
You’re going to see about this, you’re going to look at how to work with the
inventory and all these other things .

For now we want to see about creating
products .So you’re going to create your first product and as I said my
store is going to be a ram store, that is for selling computer memory. I can add a
product. You see up here you can also import a product.

Let me just click on this so that you can see what you have.
You can import your products from a CSV .
so if you already have the CSV file for your products, maybe you exported
them from somewhere else, then you can import that here and you’ll just click on
upload file and follow the prompts.

In this case I want to create a product
manually and I will be adding the details of that product here you you’ll
put the title of your product.

This is where you’ll put the description of your
product . All the tools you need for your description are here . You can add videos,
images ,even tables. All that can be done inside here and then you can add images
for the product. Then you’ll set up the prices for the product. And then you can
compare a price for that product.

Then about the inventory you can you put
SKU for that product here. If you’ve got these barcodes then you can
input the digits there for for tracking purposes. And then you can also add your
inventory policy simply to track this product inventory.

So this is important
such that if your products are running low, then you’ll see that Shopify will
alert you that the product quantity is running low and
can stock up on that product . If you stock your inventory then you need to
just ensure that Shopify is tracking this for you. It will save you a lot of
hustles in terms of inventory tracking.

And then shipping, you can say if this is
a physical product or maybe you’re selling digital products. If this is a
digital product you will not need to add this you’ll uncheck that . And then you
can choose right now our fulfillment option is via Shopify.

And then if you
need to create variants for the products,maybe you’re selling dresses and some
dresses are blue some dresses are white some are black. Then you’ll create a
variant for your product . And then as for the search engine then you can edit the
description and the page title that you want to appear on serach engines and you
can also customize the URL for that particular product for SEO purposes.

That’s just a brief overview of what you have here under the section of
creating a Shopify product . On this end you can see that we also have this product
availability. This entails where your product will be shown. So for now I only have one sales channel .

Your sales channels could be something
like Facebook ,your online store and then you can also have the buy buttons that
you can put on your website. Those are all what we call sales channels ; where
the product can be purchased from.

In this case I only have one online store
but if I was to click here on manage I would probably be able to select other
items that I have .

So if you want to see your sales channels . If you want to
add or remove sales channels then you’ll just come here under settings and on the
settings you see down here we have sales channels . If you click on this, you’re
going to see that you have various channels that you can activate . For now
we only have the online store and then you can also add a sales channel .

Maybe you want to add Facebook or you want to add the buy buttons for your website.
okay . You can see what you have here .

Just have a look at them if they are of interest to you . So
right now this product will be available on our online store if you had other
sales channels then you would be able to select or unselect those from this point. And then the product type. This is something that you probably know about
your product . It will be up to you to know the product type . And then the
vendor , then the collection .

You can add collections for your products.
Collections are basically just categories. if you sell different
boutique items then you can have dresses you can have shorts just different items
for collections to group the different products that you have . Then tags .
Tags are also good .

You can use tags to automatically create collections
for your products . Maybe for the dresses if you label something as a
dress you can create automatic collections that add any product into
that collection using the tag and you’re going to see how to do this when I
create collections . Tags, just add the items . You can tag them however you want,
just to make it easy for people to know what the product is about in terms of
what they are interested in.

That’s pretty much it about this. That’s just
an overview of how to work with this product creation page, okay .so
here on a product description make sure that your description is SEO friendly.
you can read just a little bit about SEO just to see how to write SEO
optimized content .

Make sure that when you’re creating this product description
at least use related items and make sure that the description is very descriptive. Ddescriptive and helpful for the buyer.

If it’s something that if you’re selling,
something that needs certain conditions, needs to be taken care of a certain way,
then make sure you add all those details in your description .At least
just create a level of trust where by when a customer buys something from you
they know everything they need to know about the product . And if you can answer
all their questions in the product description then they will probably buy.

That’s pretty much it for this video.

It was just a an overview of this page.
In the next video I’m going to create the first product here .

So I’ll see you in the next video

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