Viber and Skype, Viber or SKype?

Last updated on December 31st, 2017 at 09:03 pm

Viber enables you to make calls and send texts to your friends. Viber was mobile and now has a desktop version that lets you talk to all other Viber users on mobile or computers. Viber is a free application and the call and text messaging are free as well. Once you install the Viber application you can text and call others who also have the app installed, as long as you have internet connectivity, you can use viber to connect with other users.With this app you can exchange images, video and audio media messages with friends. Viber Media inc says that viber voice call quality is much better than your regular phone call. This is the HD quality phone calls in the Viber application , you can also hold group-messaging with friends. And your contacts will be synced with Viber. Calling other numbers without the Viber application installed is also possible at low rates using ViberOut.

Provided you have got working internet connection you can use Viber, internet via mobile 3G network will lead to carrier charges.

Viber on Windows, Mac and Linux

Viber now supports Windows , Mac and Linux. Head over to and choose your platform. Viber will sync your contacts with your mobile. With the release of the computer versions, Skype is now facing real threat from viber which initially was purely a mobile application. At least as a mobile application, Skype had all the advantage over viber. With support for Windows, Mac and Linux for Viber that is no longer the case.

I did mention ViberOut. What is ViberOut?

It’s all about making calls at low rates from your smart phones to landlines or other mobile phone numbers, even when the numbers are not Viber numbers. The ViberOut feature is currently available for iPhone and Android devices, with support for other platforms expected to come soon.

Are all platforms supported by ViberOut?

ViberOut does not support all mobile platforms, but plans to support all platforms have been revealed by Viber Media inc. ViberOut currently available for Android and iPhone platforms. Support for more devices is hinted to be on the way. Do not confuse this with Viber support.

Is Viber free?

Messages and calls between Viber to Viber users are completely free. Remember ViberOut? Yes at free call rates you can call non Viber numbers. Viber is a mobile application that runs on your phone, to make calls and send messages you need internet connectivity. When using Viber on your phone you may incur charges for internet connectivity if you are not on Wi-Fi.

Will Viber work on any phone?

Different platforms exist, and we use and love and like to try different platforms. Support for Viber is extensive on various mobile platforms. Viber supports most Iphone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Bada and Nokia devices. Viber is also available on the Mac platform and Windows PC.

Getting started with Viber?

Most applications require you to register before you start use. Not Viber. With Viber, no registration is needed. Provided you have and know your phone number, you are ready to get started. Who doesn’t? Your friends also have phone numbers and they know yours and you know theirs. With Viber, your phone number will be used as your identity . With your identity (phone number) you will be able make free Viber phone calls to all of your friends who have Viber on their phone. You are able to make the calls to friends using their phone numbers.

The process:

  1. Download Viber
  2. Wait to receive an access code via SMS or callback .
  3. Use the access code to activate Viber.

The access code is used to identify you as the real owner of the cellphone number you have registered and prevents others from obtaining your access code and placing calls with your caller ID. Get internet connection and start texting and calling with your phone number.

International calls on Viber?

Absolutely Yes! A long as your friend(s) have Viber you can talk and text without limitation of boundaries. It does not matter what network the two of you are using. You could be on Wi-Fi they on 3G, that does not matter. As long as both of you have Viber it is fair game.

Advertisements on mobile Apps…Is Viber in the same Wagon?

Ads are annoying and troublesome and irritating. And Viber Media definitely knows that since there are no ads on Viber.

How to get ViberOut?

Visit and click on the purple Get ‘Viber Out’ button.

  1. On the next page, if you already have viber installed click the ‘Yes’ purple button, enter your phone number and follow through the next steps.
  2. If you do not already have Viber installed, click the purple ‘No’ Button. On the next page choose your mobile platform (either iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Nokia) and follow through.

To buy ViberOut credit…

With Viber you may need to call non Viber phone numbers ,ViberOut credit makes it possible to call non-Viber numbers at low rates. Where do you buy ViberOut credits? click here to buy credit.

Paying for the ViberOut credits?

Accepted by Viber include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Paypal. Alternative payment methods may also be accepted depending on the users location. WorldPay is used handle all transactions and are completely secure.
You can also buy credits using the in-app purchase option on your mobile device.

Viber has Auto Top-Up?

Your account is automatically recharged with ViberOut credit whenever the balance falls below $2. This is achieved with Auto Top-Up .



Viber Vs Skype (Comparison between Viber and Skype)



Similarities between Viber and Skype

  • Viber is a free app and so is Skype.
  • Both Skype and Viber allow for voice calls
  • Registering yourself on both apps does not cost you anything.
  • Both are available on both Computer and Mobile platforms. Both Support Windows, Mac and Linux and for mobile: Android, iOS, Windows phone.
  • Both Viber and Skype will charge you for calling however Viber only charges you for numbers without Viber, so if you want to call for free tell the other person to install Viber(in that case ViberOut will not apply).
  • Voice call quality without video is great in both Skype and Viber.



Differences between Viber and Skype

  • Your phone number is not mandatory with Skype registration . With viber your phone number is how you receive the activation code to use Viber (so much in the same way as WhatsAp)
  • On Viber your phone contacts will be ported from your mobile phone. Skype does not import your contacts but lets you import contacts from Facebook, outlook and other available services or you can add contacts yourself one by one by searching for Skype contacts and adding/sending out requests.
  • Skype provides video calling across all platforms that is mobile and computer. As long as you have a camera on your smartphone or computer you can video call with anyone. However Viber has also introduced Video calls for PC and Mac and is not available for your smartphones.

And yes Video calls on Skype are free.

  • Voice quality with video calls is better on Skype.
  • Skype lately allows for free group video call /chat (thanks to Google Hangouts which has always allowed video calls up to a maximum of 10 ). Group calling on Skype supports upto 10 People just like Google Hangouts with a minimum of 3 and is available on Windows, Mac and Xbox.

The operating systems/ platforms supported by Viber: Windows (PC), Linux (PC) , Mac OS(Macintosh) , Android , iOS (Apple ), Blackberry OS, Symbian (Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, S Ericsson), Bada (Samsung phones branded under Wave), Windows Phone ,Series 40 (Nokia).


The operating systems/ platforms supported by Skype: Windows (PC), Linux (PC) , Mac OS(Macintosh) , Android , iOS (Apple ), Blackberry OS, Symbian (Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, S Ericsson),PS Vita (PlayStation Vita Game Console) ,Windows Phone , Xbox One (Xbox OS Video Game Console)



If you are looking for a desktop solution for business reasons Skype is the better option between Viber and Skype. However to keep in touch with your customers on phone Viber is a better fit.

To share with friends on Smartphones when comparing Viber and Skype, Viber is a better choice.This is true for as long as you are not interested in video calling since Viber currently only supports Video on the Computer Platform.

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