The Unicorn blogger, the Digital Marketer of now and the future

Last updated on October 30th, 2020 at 02:48 pm.

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Marketing is changing rapidly. Even the paid traffic doesn’t work for everyone. People hate advertisements. Otherwise no one would bother with ad blockers.

For Social Media growth, if you aren’t an entertainer or a celebrity, it really is a rough and tough game. Let’s say your business sells socks. Or beds. Or mattresses. Why should I bother following you on social media? That does not sound interesting at all!

Then there’s email marketing. Email engagement is going to drop. If it hasn’t already. Digital Marketing is very easy to learn. Just read a few books. Watch a few video courses. And boom you have an iMarketer. When something is easy to learn. The industry gets saturated with mediocre talent pretty soon. And good talent also suffers in the process.

What’s my point? Which route should you take?

Of course this is advice you’ve heard before. Nothing new. Just plain old blogging.

You need to hire a full time blogger. A unicorn blogger to be exact. A good writer with a good understanding of some interrelated areas.

It’s no secret, videos are the future. Therefore the person you hire as your blogger needs to have certain skills related to this.

Skills of the Unicorn Blogger

Fantastic Writer

First and foremost they need to be a good copywriter. With good knowledge about your industry. At least then they will be able to keep your blog relevant to your business.

They must write for humans. Write with emotion. Write to move your audience into a certain way of thinking. Good luck finding this one.

They will need to create blog content frequently.

They must be a good writer. Or you might as well hire some mediocre freelance writers to create sub-par content for your blog.

WordPress know-How

WordPress is currently the number one go to blogging tool. Note that you shouldn’t expect or require them to create the blog if they aren’t that WordPress savvy. Separation of concerns is important.

If your website isn’t already running on WordPress, then you should hire a Web Designer /Developer to create the blog for you. They will need to create a subdomain or a subfolder. And then install WordPress on it.

Your blog needs to be on your current domain. You don’t need to go out and buy another domain. My suggestion is to put it in a subfolder called blog, ie .  And not in a subdomain such as .

If your website is currently running WordPress, then no need to do anything like installing another WordPress instance. This is because WordPress comes with blogging capability by default. Believe me, I have come across businesses that have a WP website and still created a subdomain for installing the WordPress blog. Doing things yourself is good and all, but it’s always best to consult an expert once in a while.

The only reason your blogger needs to know how to use WP. Is so that they can publish and schedule content appropriately. And add the media needed to improve post engagement.  They may also need to install some useful plugins now and then.

So , get someone that knows their way around WordPress.

Social Media skills

They don’t have to be a social media ninja warrior. But they must know their way around the platforms. Once a post is created they would need to share it consistently across your social networks.

If they are savvy enough they’ll know that there are WordPress plugins that will automate this sharing process. That is sharing posts from your blog to your social media accounts. This is one reason why they should know WordPress .

In the past you may have heard of advice such as, just choose  a few social media accounts and concentrate on them. Here is what I say, use as many social media platforms as you can. But know the ones you will concentrate on. The ones you will mostly use to build your brand.

For the other platforms where you will not be putting much concentration,  automate sharing of content . That is, automatically setup auto-share from your blog or from third party platforms such as,  and all the others that you may know of.

Knowledge in Social Media Marketing is a big plus for the unicorn blogger.

Video things

If you are a big business, hiring a separate video guy should also be at the top of your list. If the blogger can create videos and edit videos , this should be a huge plus.

If they can create and edit videos, that’s even better. Creating videos shouldn’t be an expensive endeavor. Your phone with a good quality camera will do. You will most probably be creating how to videos. Or review and opinion videos. Which shouldn’t be hard to create. A talking head video will be good enough.

The more tasking part in this case would be video editing. You would have to invest in one video editing software.

So, the blogger should know their way around platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. This video content is best set as someone else’s responsibility. However if they have these skills too, that’s great!

Graphic things

It may feel like this is too much expectation from one person. They don’t have to have all these skills in the beginning. You can get someone else for graphic related tasks.

Yes, sure you are probably going to buy or use free stock images. But once you get this image, it is certainly going to be about 2500 pixels by 1600 pixels. And over. Are you going to use it so?

You’ll need to get it Web ready by at least reducing it’s size and quality. Your web page’s  loading speed are affected by things like these.

So if your blogger has a hands on experience with a tool like Photoshop, that’s great!

Learning to use any software is very possible. Creating software is the challenging part. That’s what I believe.

If they know about Web Graphics and have some basic Graphic design skills, perfect!


Seo is dead they keep saying.

The day SEO dies that is the day Google will fall as a company. After all what use will we have for it then. The other day I was thinking to myself, is there a website that lists all websites. Truth is, the closest thing to that is Google. Not web directories. It’s Google.

One way or another people will still keep searching on a search engine. Keep writing great content. Your blogger needs to know basic SEO. Things like writing for a human being, while also taking care of search engines. Knowing things that will mess up a page’s loading speed, like embedding ten YouTube videos on one page. And using images which have not been optimized on a page.

Back when I used to freelance more, some buyers used to send me images which were over 10mb to put on their web page. And others used to send videos for me to upload on their Website and embed on their page. If I followed through, can you imagine how slow that page would be?

Point is, the person you choose, should know some things that matter for Search Engine Optimization.


It’s important to see how the blog and the website in general is performing. A basic knowledge of Google analytics. And the Google  search console should be mandatory. I could mention Yahoo stuff here too. But let’s be real.

There are lots of other useful analytics tools. When these different tools are used well. The data may be used to make useful decisions about content and conversion. And even design overhauls.

What’s their job exactly

  • They write engaging blog posts
  • Publish or schedule the posts on your blog
  • Add and maybe edit graphics to be used in the posts
  • Write video descriptions for your YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Embed videos on your website. They may be your own videos. Or videos related to your industry. Videos are one of the best ways to increase the average time spent on a page .
  • Check the metrics ( on Analytics, etc) and see how the Blog is performing.

Can you imagine hiring three people with all the above skills. Each working independently to create and publish content for you. And add another video guy (s). To create video content for you. You will see great results. Instead of trying to bait people with ads, create content that people will find useful. Become the go to brand. The brand that people believe knows everything about the industry. The industry  you are in.

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