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How to Preview Squarespace Site - Share Site Preview link - how to share squarespace website preview

Learn how to use Squarespace using this YouTube playlist (above). or watch The Squarespace Tutorial Videos on Youtube here

–Squarespace 7.1 tutorial

These video tutorials are based on Squarespace 7.1 . In case of any future updates, I will add the new videos here as well . Learn how to use version 7.1.

–squarespace templates

Version 7.1 is quite different on how it works with templates. You will not be able to change a Squarespace template in 7.1. however 7.0 allows for switching of templates.

In 7.1, a template is just a starting point and you can design your website however you prefer. It all depends on your creativity and your website needs. You can add any features on your website using the content blocks and page layouts.

–squarespace login

Your Squarespace login is accessible on Squarespace.com/login or account.squarespace.com .

That is how to log into your Admin account dashboard.

Once you log in you can edit your website, create a new website, delete a website and do so much more on your account.

–squarespace for dummies

There are lots of squarespce tutorials online. You may watch videos on YouTube, Udemy Skillshare and so on. However if you want free tutorials, YouTube has the best tutorials . Start with this video playlist. Squrespace is one the easier website builders to use. You can easily learn how to use and build your website in no time.

–squarespace help

The Squarespce Support forum has lots of questions and answers for any challenges you are facing. There is a high chance that someone else has experienced the issue you are facing, and solved it. Always use Google to search for solutions. You can also hire people on Fiverr if you are compeletely stuck.

–squarespace vs wix

In my opinion , in the Squarespace VS Wix debate, I would always choose Squarespace because it is much easier to use, creates absolutely gorgeous websites without using any coding skills. I prefer squarespce to Wix. That’s my earnest opinion.

–squarespace settings

Once you log into Squarspace, you can edit any website settings by clicking on it. On your Account dashboard, just choose the website you want to edit.

You can change your Account settings on your Admin dashboard after you log in. for instance go into security and enable 2factor Authentication. This will add a layer of security for you so that no one else can gain access to your website without your knowledge.

Squarespace back end

You don’t have to know how the squarespce code is written or run. As a user you are shielded from all these. You can just create your account and create anew Website and start designing it. You can create as many free trial websites as you need to. This will help you learn and gain the confidence you need to build your website.

How do I use – tutorial on squarespace?

For Free Squarespace Tutorial Videos, go to YouTube. There are lots of tutorials here. This playlist is just one them.

How long does it take to set up a Squarespace website?

It depends on your skills. If you know how to use Squarespace the time it takes to setup a new website could be fast. If you have all the content ready and you know how you want your website to look like, You can definitely setup a new website within a day.

How do I create a Squarespace website on Bedford?

Click here to learn more about the Bedford template family : https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205825968-Bedford-template-family .

– How do I create a squarespace template?

Squarespace Template development

Squarespace team of Developers and designers work together to create aesthetic and technical template designs . The primary web languages that the developers use to build templates are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JsonT, and JSON.

The following is from the Squarespace website :

HTML creates the structural elements of a design, such as where content displays on a page.

CSS determines the style options for a design, like colors and fonts. We use the LESS CSS preprocessor to streamline our process and help ensure continuity throughout the template.

JavaScript creates the core functionality of a design, such as galleries, image loaders, and other interactive features.

JsonT is the language that specifies how data from our servers, like images and text, turns into the HTML that determines what’s displayed on the page.

JSON is a data format that expresses the images and text you’ve added to your site in our editing interface. It’s the link between the online editor and your template’s JsonT code. You can think of it as the raw clay that is shaped by the JsonT. To see your site’s JSON, add ?format=json-pretty to the end of the URL while on any page of your site.

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