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Create a video Blog with WP

Last updated on October 24th, 2017 at 11:19 am


Create a WordPress  Blog for your YouTube Channel, vimeo or articles


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This is a full tutorial on how to create a full video intensive Blog / Website where you can embed your YouTube  and Vimeo Videos. You can also post your articles on your blog.


At the very end of this page you will find the Premium and Free access to this full course.



Join the Full  Blog course


In this course you are going to learn a lot. WordPress is a very easy tool to use for creating websites.

If you want to learn, step by step how to create your own Website. A website where you will embed your YouTube and Vimeo videos, join this course.


You will start from zero. That is, if you do not have a domain and hosting, I will show you where and how to get one. If you already have one, I will show you how to create a subdomain and install WordPress.


I will also show you:

  • How to install WordPress .
  • How to secure your WP website
  • How to improve your site’s SEO
  • How to improve your Website Speed
  • How to enable social Media Integration on your website
  • How to create your posts
  • And so much more


This course is for anyone who wants to create a simple website where they can embed their videos. It is also for that person who wants to embed videos from his/her favorite channels.



Creating a Video Blog with WordPress Series


It will be a very simple, effective and user Friendly Video blog. You will use a free theme to create the blog. And I will be available to help you make any changes should you need to. I will be there for you should you need any help in editing your WordPress Video  website.


Everything you learn will stick with you. Hence you will be able to create as many websites as you want to . After finishing the course , you will have so much knowledge that, you will be able to create a site for anyone. Hence you may be able to start earning from your new skills by offering services related to these WordPress skills. Wouldn’t that be great?


So if you want to learn to how to build a video blog, go ahead and join this course using the links below. This course is available on SKillShare.


1 Watch it in Udemy

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2 Premium Skillshare Members Access link

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3 FREE Access for new Members

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