WordPress Tutorial for the absolute Beginner

WOrdPress tutorial for beginners level

Last updated on October 24th, 2017 at 09:55 am

WOrdPress tutorial for beginners level
WordPress Video tutorial for beginners

This WordPress tutorial is intended for complete beginners. In this 2 hour video course you will learn how to use WordPress.


WordPress is also referred to as WP.


If you are sure you are ready to learn how to use WordPress, go ahead and watch this course. The link is below.


WordPress is the most used solution for building websites today.


The following list shows you why you should learn WordPress :

  • WordPress is free to use for everyone and anyone
  • WP hosting is affordable and easily available to anyone and everyone
  • Lots of Themes and plugins exist which can help you in building any kind of Website or Web Application
  • The community is extremely large. You will always get help whenever you run into any issues on your site.
  • There is a large number of demand for WordPress solutions, starting with web design , maintenance and so much more
  • WP is so easy to learn. And there are so many tutorials all around the web.
  • WP can help you test your business idea really fast. After getting affordable hosting and domain. You can build your site and market your idea with very minimal initial startup costs.
  • WP sites are easy to maintain and update once you learn it.
  • WP is easy friendly. And can be easily optimized for search Engines .
  • You can use your knowledge to make money by providing WP web design services.


There are a lot of reasons why you should learn WordPress . Above are the few I could think of right now.  If you can think of any good reasons , you can add your comment in the comment section below.


Watch this course on Udemy by clicking the button below.


Watch the full Course Here


Throughout this course if you need any help with WordPress I will help you.



Watch the full Course Here


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