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Maimunch for new leads and subscribers

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mailmunch tutorial course for beginners

MailMUNCH Tutorial Course

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Learn to collect Leads on your Website

Hi . This is a tutorial about Mailmunch. Do not confuse MailMUNCH with MailCHIMP. These are two different platforms.


Mailmunch is primarily a way for you to capture leads on your website and grow your email List. And it works well too.


Before we get into the tutorial let us first understand what Mailmunch is. Before we decide to or not to watch the tutorials, let’s have a deep look at this platform in detail.



This is a very unfair comparison . Why do I say that? It’s because these two platforms have different capabilities, functionalities, features and focus points. And one is way older than the other.


Old and Young

Mailchimp has been around since the early 2000s . Since 2001 to be precise.  Mailmunch is just a new born. Still growing. Still adding features. You see, this would be an unfair comparison.


Fully Fledged Email Marketing vs Subscriber Focused

MailChimp is a fully fledged email Marketing platform. Mailmunch is primarily a quick and an easier way for you to collect subscribers on your Website. And you can also transfer those subscribers to MailChimp and other email Marketing platforms automatically.


On MailChimp you have the following Features:

  • Mailchimp forms for collecting subscribers
  • List management on MailChimp
  • Mailchimp has lots of email templates and themes that you can use and reuse when emailing your subscribers.
  • Campaigns , for sending Newsletters to your subscribers
  • Automation , for automatically triggering some actions due to a subscriber activity or event. Eg when a new subscriber signups, send out this message the whole month, and so on.

All / most of these I covered in the MailChimp course…


So, as you can see above, these two should never be compared. Why? Because MailCHIMP is a fully fledged email Marketing Solution.


And MailMUNCH is a good tool for collecting subscribers on your Website. And then you can send those subscribers as soon as they subscribe, to MailChimp.


You will learn how to do this, in this MailMunch tutorial.

For a limited time this course is now FREE on Udemy

Learn to Use MailMunch >>


MailMUNCH vs Sumome

Again comparing these two is not a fair comparison. In comparing sumome vs MailMunch, I can come up with a simple analogy. An analogy of comparing a  Jacket or a coat to a full Tuxedo.


In this comparison, sumome is a Tuxedo that comes with accessories, such as bow ties, shoes, waistcoats and a white formal shirt. I think they even threw in a watch in there.


And MailMunch is a jacket/ coat. You can wear it with anything. It can go with a jeans , denim or even a formal trouser.


Sumome is basically a suit of many different and sometimes arguably unrelated features.


Mailmunch is essentially used for the first part of email Marketing. Which usually entails collecting leads on your website or blog.  That is, for growing your subscribers.


Let’s take a look at some of the features of these two. You will see the variance for yourself.


Sumome Features

Sumome has different features as listed below. Each of them serve a different purpose. And you can activate what you need and use just that.

  • Buy Button: Have a button on your website for selling stuff.
  • Discover: Send content to other sites. Traffic exchange kind of thing.
  • Google Analytics : Analytics data on your sumome dashboard
  • Welcome Mat : Full screen call to action. Kind of cool. I love it .
  • Scroll Box: Slides in a form to capture subscribers. A form shows up as you scroll down. Also available in MailMunch.
  • Content Analytics : Check the stats for your posts. How are people dealing with your content.
  • Image Sharer : Enables visitors to share your images on social media of your choice.
  • Smart Bar : Sits at the top of your web page for collecting subscribers and encouraging some call to action. Also  available in Mailmunch
  • Highlighter : Enables visitors to share section of your text content.
  • Contact Form : Lets your visitors reach you.


MailMUNCH Features

Mail munch is ultimately focused on subscribers. So most of the features are about opt-in forms and the subscriber data and analytics. MailMunch has all the different kinds of Forms that you can use for collecting subscribers.


  • Opt-In Forms:
  1. Popup : This is a form that pops up when you visit a web page or when you click a button/link.
  2. Embedded : This is a form that you can embed anywhere on any HTML powered web page. If you scroll down, you will see one below.
  3. Top Bar : This is an horizontal form that you can have at the top of your page to encourage people to subscribe. It can also be at the bottom of the page, The same thing as a hello bar.
  4. Slide Box: This is a form that shows up as a user scrolls down the page.


  • Form Technology/behavior :
  1. Analytics and Split Testing : This is not available in the FREE plan
  2. Entry and Exit intent Technology : Same old exit intent thing, when someone is about to leave, show the form. When someone loads a page show a form after some rule you have set.



  • Lists : Create new lists . Check your list of subscribers. Export them, edit them, delete them. Do whatever you want with them.


  • AutoResponders : This is a beta feature that lets you auto-send messages to every new subscriber. It’s currently in beta mode.


Sumome Integrates:

Sumome integrates with the following email Marketing platforms. You can collect your subscribers and have them automatically get added on these:


  • MailChimp
  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • Constant Contact
  • ActiveCampaign
  • emma
  • Mad Mimi
  • MailJet
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Infusionsoft
  • Hubspot
  • Sailthru
  • Salesforce pardot
  • inboxFirst
  • feedblitz



MailMUNCH Integrates:

When you set up a new form on Mailmunch, you can have the subscribers also get automatically added to the following email Marketing platforms. You will learn how to do this, in this Tutorial .


You can integrate it with:

  • MailChimp
  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • Constant Contact
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Infusionsoft
  • MailerLite
  • HTTP Post


Sumome Pricing

The following are the available plans:

Basic : Free

Small : 29/Month

Premium: 59/Month

Big : $119/Month

Custom .



MailMUNCH Pricing

The following are the MailMunch plans


Silver :  $9/Month

Gold :  $19/Month

Agency : $ 49/Month


This Mailmunch Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to use the MailMunch platform. You shall begin by creating a new FREE account. And then you will use it to create forms and add them to your website.


By the end of this course you will learn how to use it on any website you have.


And at any point if you have any questions I will be there to assist you.


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