The complete CSS Tutorial for Beginners

Bizanosa CSS Tutorial for beginners

Last updated on October 17th, 2016 at 10:44 pm

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This is a CSS tutorial for beginners.

If you have zero skills in HTML ensure you go through the HTML course as well. HTML and CSS always go together. So start from the HTML course if you are unfamiliar with it.


The CSS tutorial will cover everything in a very comprehensible manner. Ensure you follow along with me. And in the end you will certainly understand how css works.


If your aim is to become a web designer or a web developer, then you must learn CSS and HTML . Join this course and learn to style websites. Cascading Style Sheets are the primary component for styling web pages.  To build websites, web templates and themes, you must know CSS.


This course is divided into short video segments.


The video lectures and the length of each video is as indicated below:


Section 1: 1 The intro and Basic stuff

Lecture 1  Introduction 01:13

Lecture 2  browser extensions 04:10

Lecture 3  Parts of css 03:19

Lecture 4  Adding backgrounds in CSS 03:04


Section 2: 2 Css selectors

Lecture 5  CSS Selectors began   08:12

Lecture 6  css selectors part two  05:24

Lecture 7  css selectors part three 03:52

Lecture 8  css selectors part four 13:28

Lecture 9  css selectors example


Section 3: 3 CSS colors

Lecture 10  css colors introduction 02:13

Lecture 11 colors explained 03:55

Lecture 12 css colors example 06:11

Lecture 13 Transparency colors 03:56

Lecture 14 More on transparency 03:34


Section 4: 4 CSS Units

Lecture 15 css units 01:57

Lecture 16 CSS Units Explained 07:21

Lecture 17  px and pc Illustration 03:16

Lecture 18  EM and REM 02:04

Lecture 19  rem and em example 06:05


Section 5: Style the Template

Lecture 20  House Keeping 02:21

Lecture 21  Starting to style up 03:37

Lecture 22  link and pseudo something 02:59

Lecture 23  Li Nav Styles 05:27

Lecture 24  Almost over 06:06

Lecture 25  Until next time My friend


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