Social Media Content Ideas to Attract More Followers

Last updated on February 6th, 2023 at 01:57 pm.

Social Media Content Ideas to Attract More Followers

If you have a social media page that you would like to turn into a potential source of income, you will need followers. However, persuading people to click the follow button is not that easy, particularly when there are so many social media pages that are likely in direct competition with you.

Publishing quality content is one of the best ways to grow your social media pages organically. And in case you lack ideas, here are some Social Media Content Ideas that should help you.


Since many people have a poor attention span, they usually do not bother reading long walls of text. No, instead, your content should be short and to the point. GIFs are one of the best examples. If you spend a bit of time browsing through various social media pages, you should notice how many pages are posting GIFs. In addition, people respond with GIFs in the comments section.

Learning how to create a gif on mac or another computer is not that difficult. There is usually no need to bother with installing specific software. For example, both macOS and windows have built-in tools that let users create simple GIFs. At the same time, you can also find a GIF creator on the internet.


It is no surprise to see Facebook and Instagram working on improving their video player. While these two cannot replace YouTube as the most popular video platform, video content is playing a prominent role in social media marketing strategies.

You can create original videos yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Sharing videos from other content creators that may go viral is also one of the options.

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Infographics are quite popular at the moment since they offer visually-driven information with some excerpts of text here and there. For an average person, consuming and processing such type of content is quite easy. 

Besides, if you want to simplify a rather difficult idea, then infographics are the way to go. Data, stats, and highlights in beautiful colors are more effective than large amounts of information.


Posting memes may go against the policies of some brands. However, if most of your followers are young, they will likely react to memes positively rather than negatively. And if nothing else, memes are great when you wish to introduce some variety to your social media content.

Contests and Giveaways

If there is one type of content that is likely to go viral, it would have to be giveaways. Even if someone does not necessarily want free stuff, they are still likely to enter a contest, especially if sharing and liking the post are the only requirements to participate. 

The goal of giveaways is quite simple — you get as many people to share the post and create a snowball effect. The more reach such giveaway posts get, the more new followers a brand can expect to gain.

Collaboration Posts

Collaborations with influencers and other brands are also a good choice to attract more engagement and followers on social media. If it benefits both parties involved, why not take such an opportunity, right?

Articles and Blog Posts

Not having your own blog should not be enough to prevent you from sharing interesting articles and blog posts. So long as it creates value on your SM profile, letting followers know about a well-written article and encouraging them to read it will score some points.  

Look Behind the Scenes

Some exclusive content could be just the thing that your social media content strategy has been lacking. There ought to be some neat behind-the-scenes footage you could share. Or, as an alternative, you could tease what is coming next and what your followers can expect to see in the next couple of weeks or months.

Short Animations

Short animations are another popular type of SM content. Brands hire animators and voice actors to create one-minute shorts that gain a lot of engagement from followers and go viral. Of course, spamming your page with nothing but animations is not a good strategy, but having some now and then should add variety.

High-Quality Photos

Professional photos are also worth a shout. After all, sites like Instagram are so popular because of the great pictures one can admire on the platform. You could hire a dedicated photographer who would provide you with photos or share some of the best snaps you can find online so long as you give credit to the photographers.

Polls and Surveys

A simple poll and a survey are quite effective because they will incentivize your followers to respond. Ask them to participate in various polls or ask questions that they can leave in the comments.

Use these suggested Social Media Content Ideas to help you improve your engagement on your SM accounts.

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