Shopify Dashboard Overview Video

Last updated on April 20th, 2021 at 11:35 am.

Shopify Dashboard Video Transcript:

Hi and welcome back to this video. In this video I want to do an overview of
the Shopify dashboard. I’ll be doing all this in a single video so the video
might end up being longer than expected.

Free Shopify Tutorial for beginners

For the most important items, I’m going to do an explanation for them, but
for other items which are not that important I’m going to just leave them.
So the first thing on the home, this is where you’re going to find various links
for quick items that you can do as soon as your store is set up . You see you
can add a product.

You can customize your theme and you can add a domain . You’re
going to see most of this throughout this course and if you want to add a
product immediately, you can just click on the button right there .And if you
scroll down, you’re going to see that right now your store is protected by a
password .

If you want to disable that, you can click here to go and disable the
password or to change the password .You can also add payment providers and
so much more.Just scroll down and see the options that you have .About
settings, so if you had to find out the settings or you want to change various
settings for your store, down here we have this settings link.

If you go here you’re going to see all the options for your store; like payment, legal pages
and so much more. I’m going to click on this later on and then orders .if you
come to your orders, this is where you’ll process your orders . You can view the
history of your orders.

Currently this is a new store and I don’t have any orders.
You can also see any abandoned checkouts and see what you can do with
them . If you want to re-target these people or you want to find out their
details and just communicate to them, you can find abandoned checkouts here .

Then under products, this is where you can add your products . You can track your
inventory . Here under products you can view all your products, you can add a
product. This is where you’ll be adding your products .

Then you can do product transfers, you can track your inventory , you can create various
collections for your product. Collections are just a grouping of products . Maybe
you sell computer items you can group them
based on how those items can be categorized . So collections are just like

Then if you want to create gift cards, this is where you can create
various gift cards for your customers and share them out . So once we have
products we’re going to click on these different links and we’re going to see
more details about each and every one of these .

You can look at your customers’ history, their customer details ,all that can be found here under the customers link. And you can also track your analytics. If you want to see how your
shop is performing, you want to see the different products and reports, the sales,
the visitors to your store , all that , you can find under analytics.

And then if you want to see the current status of your store, live view , if there are any
live visits, you can track that . You can track that under live view.

And then various marketing items. Let’s click on this and see what we have here. You
can promote your products, you can sell the products and create various ads on
Google, Facebook, Gmail . All that you can do here.

If you have accounts on these platforms for the different marketing options that you have here, you can create campaigns here. And then if you want to create discounts, you can create
that here. You can create automatic discounts or you can just create various
discount codes that you can share with your customers.

You’ll find all the options here .

If you want to add any Apps for your store then you can find all the Apps here. If you want to add any functionality to Shopify you can come
here under Apps and just search for the apps that you want to use. You can visit
the Shopify App Store and find the apps there and install them and we’re going
to do all this at some point.

So oberlo is a popular one, this is for drop shippers . You can add your products here and you can import product from Aliexpress. If you want to do drop shipping then you’ll
probably end up using Orberlo.

These are some popular apps that you can try and you can see that they’ve
been used by lots of different people based on the reviews.

Where is your online store?
If you come here under online store , this is where you will design your shop. This is where you’ll change the theme. You can create pages . You can create blog posts . All that will be
under your online store and this is also where you can view your online store to
see how it is right now.

You see once you click on online store, you’ll get this
option here just to view your store. So if you go there you can see how your
store is right now. And remember the link for your store is what you chose when
you were signing up.

You can see right now it’s just dummy content ,but you can
design it however you want. We are going to change the theme and we’re going to
add products pages and post and so much more.

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