Sending Mailchimp Campaigns

Last updated on October 30th, 2020 at 04:58 pm.

New Mailchimp Tutorial - Campaigns, Landing Pages, Popups, Embed Forms and edit CSS

This video is taken from the Full Bizanosa MailChimp Course .

This video will show you how to send MailChimp campaigns.

After creating MailChimp Templates, sending campaigns is a much easier process.

In this video you will send a MailChimp campaign to your list of subscribers.

To watch the full MailChimp course go here .


1 Latest Updates intro : 00:00:00

2 creating Mailchimp campaigns : 00:01:08

3 Create Landing pages in Mailchimp : 00:23:45

4 Creating Mailchimp popups : 00:40:54

5 The create button in Mailchimp Menu : 01:00:51

6 Edit CSS of embedded Mailchimp form : 01:01:16

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