1. Do I really need a website ?

When it comes to whether you should get a website or not, there is no question that different managers have a different view on that. By Managers I am referring to the business owners or the business managers. Businesses that have a steady flow of income assume that whatever tey are doing is good enough and a website would not be that important. Well if you are in this school of belief, you would be wrong.

A website is a must for you. If you don’t have one, you should see to it that you are online today. Every business has a website. Your competitors have a website. Your business partners have a website. Why shouldn’t you?

Before your customers get to know you, they will ‘google’ you. If they do ot find you other business guys will be found. Them who were smart enough to get online early will be found on the internet.

With the number of web designers in Nairobi increasing, you have a better chance of getting online afford-ably. Just insist on quality. A good website will not get you customers aloneĀ  but you should get value for money. There are lots of factors to consider in the quality of the website. Lots of them are juggles we cannot bore you with.

A website cannot be an optional marketing tool.

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