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7 Product description tips - Shopify Tutorial

Product description tips – Shopify Tutorial for beginners

Watch the video above or read the article below. This video will provide you with Product Description tips to help you improve conversion.

On your product page, your product description is your sales person. If you write a good Product description, that will translate to a better conversion rate.

Write product pages that will set you apart from people selling similar products.

Most people will write product descriptions that are manipulative, however what you need to aim for is trust and Authority. Trust and Authority will help you create a loyal base of customers who believe they can look up to you for their product needs in a particular field.

This video will provide you with various tips to help you improve your product description page. Always keep testing to ensure that your product page has been optimized to its optimum capability.

You want to be able to define which product features are of importance to your potential customers.

Alright. Here are some tips to help you improve your product descriptions:

Understand your Potential Buyers

You must clearly understand your buyer’s personality, a break down of the characteristics of your potential buyers. This will help you understand which features are most important to your buyers.

When creating your Shopify product description, keep these in mind:

  • How did this web visitor arrive on your web page?
  • What are issues that are important to them in product purchase decision making ?
  • What interests them about your online store?
  • How does this person see and describe the product they are looking for?
  • What product features or product benefits are important to this person the most?

Demonstrate the product values and benefits

Also pay attention to the Product Features and Benefits
You need to demonstrate the true values of your product in the product description. Identify the top product features and most desirable benefits.

Do not be too detailed with the features of the item being sold. Only focus on the benefits and most desirable product features and characteristics.

Product features should be true statements which will help a buyer understand the technical abilities of a product. A product benefit will help a customer realize how the product will be beneficial to them and help them solve a particular problem.

Invoke the Buyer’s emotion in your description

In the product’s description, help a customer clearly understand how the product will be beneficial to them. Customers want to solve problems, so , let them know how your product will help them solve a problem.

It is therefore important that you do understand the product you are selling. Know its benefits, features and characteristics. Paint a clear mental picture of how the product will help the customer solve a pain point in their life.

The benefit(s) of the product to a customer need to be very succinct.This will help your Shopify product description to be more persuasive and that will encourage more purchases from your shop visitors.

Give a clear narrative about your product

A great product description will provide the buyer with all relevant details . The buyer needs all the relevant info when making an informed product purchase. You need to do a good job in convincing the customer of the product benefits, features and characteristic.remember to make the product description emotional by touching on the customer’s real life pain points. Nothing drives sales, like emotion.

You must become an emotional influence in the customers purchase decision. There are lost of psychology books that are available in this topic. Go to amazon and search.

Speak to potential buyers in their language

You need to understand your potential buyers and use the language they would use. What words would they use in describing the product? In words, how would they describe the product?

You don’t have to describe the product like a dictionary with AI capabilities. Be human. Speak to people in the ir words.

Your description should not sound like a machine generated copy. Copywriting skills are very important, learn some.

The description should be Easy to Read

People visiting your web page will not read everything. Sometimes they just want the highlights. So make the page easy to go through. Make the page easily scannable. You can make product descriptions easily scannable by :

  • using short paragraphs
  • use lots of bullet points to highlight most features, characteristics and benefits of the product
  • use headings to separate content and ideas
  • use spaces in between groups of content to enable easy scanning
  • use images to separate huge blocks of text

The product description should be SEO optimized

Search engines like Google are your biggest referrals. Most of your visitors will find you by googling for the product they are looking for. There is no database listing for advertisements where customers go to when they need a product. The first place they go to is Google / Search Engine Websites.

SEO is evergreen marketing, this means that if you manage to favorably rank your product description, you will always get visitors to your product description page.

Go to Udemy or YouTube and learn something about Search Engine Optimization. There are lost of free and paid tutorials about this topic. Learn something to help you rank better on search engines.

Use fantastic Images to demonstrate your products

You will need to use high quality images to show your customers :

  • what the product looks like
  • how the product is used
  • the various distinctive features of the products
  • and so much more

The images used should be lightweight to ensure your web page does not load too slowly. Use image optimization software to optimize your images for fast-loading web pages.

These product description tips will help you improve conversion on your online store. Ensure you follow these guidelines and you will drive your competitor’s out of business. It is also important to keep testing and iterating until you settle on the best product description for your product. Always ask your customers what made them buy, how they found you and so on. Keep getting better.

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