Withdraw from PayPal to Mpesa & Equity

Last updated on May 23rd, 2021 at 09:48 pm.

How to create your PayPal Account

Update 2018 : This post now has 2 methods of withdrawing money from PayPal.  There is , from Paypal Mpesa and there’s PayPal to  Equity bank . If one Fails, use the other. Equity takes about 3 days. Withdawal to Mpesa takes a matter of hours depending on the amount of money you withdraw.

 1 Paypal to Mpesa

Update 2018 – Paypal Mpesa Withdrawal

You can now withdraw your money from PayPal to Mpesa . This is a venture between PayPal and MPesa. It is a very simple process.

Step 1:  Visit the official website here : https://www.paypal-mobilemoney.com/m-pesa

Step 2 :  Click on the Get started Button and log into Paypal .

Step 3: Enter your phone number . Click the button to link your account.

Important: Ensure your Name and Phone Number are the same on both Paypal and Mpesa. Otherwise you will not be able to connect into the platform. If the details are not the same, just delete your Paypal Account and create a new one. Here is how to close your PayPal Account.

Step 4 : If you successfully login, there are two buttons, one for withdrawal and another for topping up your paypal via Mpesa.

To withdraw click on the withdrawal button and enter the amount in USD.

To top up your Paypal account with Mpesa, click the top up button and calculate how much money you will need to pay via the Mpesa paybill number. You will use the Paypal to Mpesa calulator then send money via Mpesa Paypal Paybill number. Topping up is just like making a normal payment via Lipa na Mpesa.

If you get stuck, check out their FAQ page .

Try withdrawing or topping up and let me know how it goes…

Paypal to Mpesa is now a possibility in Kenya! Isn’t that great?

2 Paypal to Equity

/******###Begin Update######

UPDATED : April 14th 2018

The new way for Withdrawing PayPal Funds via Equity

The new equity Self service once you log in
The new equity Self service once you log in .
Create your account too

Equity has built their own quick service PayPal Withdrawal within their Self Service Platform >>. With this new WithDrawal, the money should be within your account in 3 business days. Unlike how it was  which used to be up to  8 days  .

You should go ahead and signup into the self service portal.

The link : https://selfservice.equitybankgroup.com/login 

And then…

Error when linking a card. Just call them with the number shown there.
Error when linking a card. Just call them with the number shown there.

If your Account does not link up just call their customer support with the number that is provided there. Usually, you will need to go to a branch near you to update your details. Your Phone number, email ,ID and other Bank details must all match for you to link your Account.

Make sure your details when creating the account match your bank account details, eg Phone Number, ID and email .
If they don’t match you will not be able to link your account.

And consequently you will not be able to withdraw your PayPal funds if you cannot connect your account.

If you need to change your account details you can go to any Equity Bank branch and ask to update your contact information.
As long as all your details are up to date, linking your account is pretty easy.

– Once you link your account you can click on the PayPal Tab and proceed .
On the PayPal Tab you will need to link your Paypal email and your Equity Bank account.

Link paypal to equity card

– Add your PayPal email .
– And click on select an account to select an account you want to link with PayPal.  (Ensure you enable browser popups or this will get blocked)

– Then Accept Terms and click on the Link Account Button.

– Then a popup comes up to log into PayPal so that you can authorize your PayPal account .
(Ensure you enable browser popups or this popup window will get blocked)

After linking paypal and equity

After your account is successfully connected...

To withdraw,

While on the PayPal section,

– Click on ” Withdraw Service”  .

– Then select your PayPal Account. Then enter Amount .

– Then click Accept .

Withdraw paypal money in kenya to your bank account

That’s it .

#*********##### End Update ##############/

{ You should also consider opening a Payoneer Account if you don’t have one}


The following process  no longer Applies !

Use the UPDATED process above

How to Withdraw PayPal funds in Kenya via Equity Bank

Withdrawal of your PayPal money is possible through equity bank. You can earn your money online , get paid via PayPal and withdraw through equity bank in Kenya. If you were able to set up your PayPal account as I walked you through in this setting up your PayPal account post, then you should now get to know how to withdraw your PayPal earnings directly in Kenya. You will be able to Withdraw whether your PayPal account is an individual or a business.

Keep in mind the Kenyan Shilling is not in the PayPal currencies dropdown, this means it is not supported and you will have to make your withdrawal amounts in US Dollars ($). Please keep this in mind so you must know that all currencies will be converted to USD. As an ecommerce provider or freelancer you serve various Geo regions so you might have different currency transactions in your PayPal account. The Withdrawal service is available to Equity Bank Debit card holders and not credit card holders.

With an equity bank account you can transfer money from your PayPal account directly to your bank account in Kenya. For this to work you must have an account with equity so if you want to earn online and withdraw from Kenya you may consider opening your bank account with Equity Bank. You can open an account specifically for your PayPal transactions. Last time I checked to open a new bank account with equity you need less than KES800 which will be used for processing your Visa or MasterCard. This is just a ballpark figure, the best way is for you to go to any equity branch and confirm.

While making withdrawals bear in mind the transaction cap for PayPal is 10,000 USD. Your withdrawal will have to be within the confines of this capacity.

The process of Withdrawing funds from PayPal via Equity Bank

Update:  Equity Bank changed their website, so to get to the PayPal Withdraw service Go directly here (https://epal.equitybankgroup.com/paypal/pages/)  Then continue from step 2.

1 . Head to the Equity Bank Website (Note: www.equitybank.co.ke) and under the Self Service Menu click on PayPal Withdraw Service .

PayPal withdrawal in kenya - Withdraw PayPal

2 . On the PayPal withdraw service page that opens, click on the Withdraw from PayPal button.

Equity Bank PayPal Withdraw PayPal funds in Kenya

3 . On the modal window that appears choose either for Me or for my business.

Withdraw PaYPal money in Kenya via Equity Bank

4 . Enter your Equity Bank account number as verified by you. It must be a valid Equity bank account. The bank account should have your accurate contact details since there will be a One Time Pin sent to your phone number or email that they have on record. So you will need to make sure they have the right and updated contact details at Equity, otherwise your withdrawal will not be possible without the OTP (One Time Pin). Enter the OTP and proceed.

Equity bank PayPal Withdraw service

5 . On the next page fill in all the information required. Your personal info or your business info as applicable. Enter amount in US Dollars and proceed.

Withdraw PayPal money


The initials in the Equity PayPal Withdraw Service form above, refers to your name initials for instance,if your name is Patrick Wahowa, your initial may be PW . Peter Matasa – PM ….

6 . On the View Quote Page Confirmation is required, so review all the information you provided plus the amount (The amounts especially). After verifying everything check the “I accept the quotation above and have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions” and Accept Quote. Note that the Transaction fee, Commission, withdrawal amount and exchange rate shall be indicated here, so be sure to know what amount to expect in your bank account after being charged the transaction fee.

7 . You will then be redirected to PayPal where you will log in and confirm this Transaction. You will be redirected back to The Equity PayPal Withdrawal Page. Note the transaction reference number. The reference number will be invaluable in follow ups, disputes and any communication with Equity Bank.

8 . Click Finish to exit and complete transaction.

After all fees are deducted the amount shall be deposited in your bank account within 8 working Days (Business days encompasses: All non Kenyan, South African and USA Holidays and Weekends).

(These instructions are as per the date of editing, should the website or links change, be sure to consult with Equity Bank. I will do my best to be apprised of any changes and edit appropriately)

And friends, ensure you read the terms and agreements on the Equity bank website as pertains to PayPal Withdrawal service, it happens to be pretty understandable and has no jargon that a layman like me and you cannot comprehend.

Ask away…. Comment away…..

{ {You should also consider opening a Payoneer Account if you don’t have one}}

Paypal kenya signup : Read this to sign up for PayPal in Kenya
Paypal kenya withdraw

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    • I have never done it but I believe you can. On your Payoneer Account, go to Receive >> Global Payment Service . There you’ll find your assigned American bank Details. Use those details on PayPal to withdraw to a bank account .
      That oughta work .

    • If you keep trying after you receive the first error I guess it just gives you more errors. Try again on a different browser after lots of minutes pass. If it’s still unsuccessful contact equity bank.

    • The OTP expires after 10 minutes. May be you need to check your spam folder. This happens if you set filters in your email.
      Also note that email is one of the most unreliable forms of getting help for urgent matters. To call is always the best alternative.

      It was working fine the last time I used it, which is as recent as January 2016. If there was an issue I wasn’t aware of that. Right now it seems okay. If there is an issue you can certainly contact Equity bank with your follow up code. Which is available on the last bit of the transaction.


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