Comparing OVH and Contabo VPS Pricing – Contabo VS OVH Offers

Last updated on November 19th, 2021 at 08:17 am.

Comparing OVH and Contabo VPS Pricing - Contabo VS OVH Offers

To understand the difference in pricing between Contabo and OVH, watch the video above. These two VPS providers offer different prices for different Server features. Watch the video above to learn more about this.

Check out the current Contabo prices here. You may also view the current OVH prices here. Here is a list of all the VPS providers I recommend.

The following are the VPS providers I recommend.

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Video captions for Contabo VS OVH Video

Hi and welcome to this video. In this video let’s compare the VPS pricing for Contabo and OVH. First of all let’s go to Contabo. I will also scroll down and click on OVH.
We just want to compare the prices for these two VPS providers. So looking at Contabo, these are the prices for the VPS. The lowest which is around seven dollars comes with all these features. Four cpu cores, 8gb RAM and you can get either 50 gb nvme ssd or 200 gb of sata ssd.

If it were me I would just choose the SATA SSD because this doesn’t really affect performance very much. Maybe it will only affect the booting of your server. But in performance, not really. Unless you’re running various processes that are constantly reading data from your from your disks.

Okay so that’s the first one and then the second one you can see it comes with all these features. Just look at these options 16 gb RAM, 100 GB or 400 GB, and as I said just use that instead of that. But it’s entirely up to you depending on what you want to run. Then you can get two snapshots of your server. You can get this bandwidth. This is too much

for any person that’s just running a website.
This is still a lot .
You can choose this depending on what you want to run.
If you want all this memory then you can go with  that.

Then the next one which is $20. You can see the options that we have here. Eight vCPU, 30 GB RAM. That one as well. Feel free to look at this. Just look at the options that you get. You get a huge amount of ram here and you can see, would you rather go for that or would you rather go for 1TB of ssd.

As I said, if it were me I would choose that. But if it’s you, maybe you have your reasons for choosing this. Well and good. All right so let’s come back to OVH.
If you scroll down you can see with OVH this is what you’ll get. For six dollars you get this. All these options and the next one for $11.50 you get this 4gb RAM, two virtual CPUs, 80 gb ssd 500 mbps unmetered. This is the part they have outdone Conatbo .

If you you’re running systems that require a high bandwidth, you should probably go with OVH because you can see that the transfer speeds ( the I/O speeds ) are much faster than the one that you’ll get here on Contabo. On Contabo I think you get 100 for this one you get 100 mbps. If that doesn’t really matter. If you’re running a website it probably doesn’t matter .

I hope you know what I mean. If you’re you’re looking for speed, this bandwidth speeds then you can see these are what you’re going to get and these are definitely much faster than the ones that are on Contabo. However you can see the offers are pretty pretty different. You can just choose which one you want to choose.

For instance you can compare the six dollar one 1 vCore 2GB and for this one you get 8 gb and 4 cpus and 200 gb ssd. And then for this one $11.50 you’ll get two vcpus and 4gb and if you come this side. Around roughly the same price you’ll get six vcpus and 16 gb and 400 gb ssd .

And the one for $23 you’ll get four virtual CPUs and 8 gb and 160 gb ssd nvme . So please note that all of these are nvme but on Contabo you have the option to choose more memory of SSD which is just sata ssd. You can look at this and just compare them and see which one you’d rather use.

On OVH you can also start with $3.50 a month. But this one, there are certain things you cannot install on it. Like if you want to run Plesk from OVH you’ll have to to start with this one. I hope this will help you understand the difference in prices for these two VPS providers. If it were me and I was looking for value for my money .

Value for my lowest money I would go with Contabo. For seven dollars I’m going to get all this.

Something else that you should note with OVH is that without commitment you get the six dollar a month , but if you commit for 12 months the price reduces. If it were me I would definitely definitely just stick with the six dollar a month because you never know. You may get disappointed with the VPS and decide to decide to cancel your order within two months.

If you’ve committed for 12 months there may be complications in cancelling your subscription. That’s why you should just stick with a six dollar a month plan without any commitment .
Just pay month on month. I hope this video has helped you to see the difference in pricing between OVH and Contabo. See you in another video.

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