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Namecheap VS Godaddy hosting and domain registration

NameCheap vs GoDaddy

There are an endless number of domain name registrars and web hosting companies. As a result, it is hard to choose which one is the best for you. While we cannot compare all of them in this article, we can certainly talk about two fantastic domain registrars and web host providers.

Today, we will be looking at Namecheap vs GoDaddy. We will tell you about what these two players have to offer alongside other crucial information like their prices.

Overview of Namecheap and GoDaddy

Namecheap and GoDaddy are both popularly known for selling and managing domain names. Both web hosting services started as domain name registrars, and they are one of the best web hosting available in the market. They also provide plenty of additional services which can differentiate these hosting providers in one way or another.

Both web hosting offer domains, hosting, and email separately, and you can purchase their services as per your requirements. While it is essential to acknowledge all the extras that these two services offer, you have to stick to what you want because it is easy to get distracted by exciting services that will have an additional cost.


Pricing is a significant factor that people consider when choosing web hosting providers. Even if they want to get a domain, pricing plays a significant role. Each domain registration has annual fees with different terms and services provided by each provider. As a customer, you have to know what you want and try to get at the cheapest rates.

It is very common for domain name providers to have a compelling introduction pricing. Their first annual rate can be very low, and it may seem too good to be true. However, it is in the renewals where some domain providers charge almost double the introduction price rate. Hence, the way to check which providers have the best pricing is by checking future renewal rates. In particular, you should check the 1-year renewal rate for the .com domain.

Here is a complete pricing list of both Namecheap and GoDaddy

Namecheap Domain Pricing

Domain Registration Renewal Transfer
.com $9.48/yr. $13.48/yr. $9.18/yr.
.net $10.98/yr. $14.98/yr. $10.98/yr.
.org $8.88/yr. $14.98/yr. $11.48/yr.
.biz $4.88/yr. $16.98/yr. $14.48/yr.
.co $7.98/yr. $25.98/yr. $21.98/yr.

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GoDaddy Domain Pricing

Domain Registration Renewal Transfer
.com $4.99/yr. $18.99/yr. $8.49/yr.
.net $14.99/yr. $19.99/yr. $19.99/yr.
.org $9.99/yr. $20.99/yr. $20.99/yr.
.biz $32.98/yr. $24.99/yr. $24.99/yr.
.co $0.01/yr. $34.99/yr. $34.99/yr.

The hosting prices of GoDaddy start at $1.56 with a three-year term, and the renewal cost is $2.61. After that, the cost of the economy plan of GoDaddy is $2.88, and the renewal cost is $5.9, and this plan also has a three-year term. Similarly, the yearly plan for Namecheap’s Stellar plan starts at $1.88/month, and for stellar plus and Stellar Business, they cost $2.98/month and $4.98/month, respectively.

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These are the best of what Namecheap and GoDaddy have to offer to their customers. You can check all these features and see which features are something you require on your website.

Best features of Namecheap

  1. Cost-effective – Namecheap has a cost-effective package that only starts at $9.88 for their introductory plan. All the other plans have low introduction plans, and the renewal costs are also reasonable.
  2. Quick Onboarding – After you sign up for Namecheap’s hosting service, it does not take a lot of complicated hours to set up the website. The onboarding is quick and easy because the process of getting everything up and running with Namecheap is simple.
  3. Support – Namecheap offers live chat support, which means that you can fix any issue by chatting with the customer support staff. Another option to contact customer support is by open tickets.
  4. Backup – Namecheap takes off additional work from you by automatically backing up your website. It does backup twice a week for your website.
  5. Website Management – The management of Namecheap is excellent, considering there are not a lot of things to manage. Namecheap offers necessary and not a lot of add-ons for web owners. This is perfect for people who host clean and straightforward websites. As a result, the backend is minimalist and has a friendly user experience.
  6. Uptime – The overall uptime experience with Namecheap is great, and you can expect 99.9% uptime with VPS plans and resellers. In addition, any hourly downtime gives users entitled to free hosting for one day.

Best Features of GoDaddy

  1. Responsive Themes – You access 22 amazing and responsive themes within the website builder. GoDaddy will suggest themes when you get started, and all themes are mobile responsive.
  2. Drag and Drop – With GoDaddy, you can easily drag and drop blocks according to your website’s requirements. You can also drag and drop restaurants online ordering, which is powered by ChowNow.
  3. E-commerce upgrade – Setting up an online store is relatively simple on GoDaddy. Moreover, you have to pay $25/month for the top-tier e-commerce plan charged annually. The plan also does not have any transaction fees.
  4. Guided marketing tools – With the introduction of websites + Marketing, users have access to incredible marketing tools such as GoDaddy insights, Search engine visibility, and email marketing. These tools will help you optimize and manage your e-commerce website.

The Top Recommended Web Hosting Companies

Pros & Cons



  • Great features and services
  • Easily transferable domain
  • Upsell tactic is minimal
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Competitive pricing


  • Certain domain extensions are expensive
  • Customer support does not offer phone call support




  • A reputable brand for purchasing the domain
  • Has an excellent user experience website
  • Customer support is up 24/7
  • A wide range of services are available with GoDaddy Pro
  • Customer support staffs are helpful


  • The check out process when buying a plan can be confusing
  • Domain manager is put separately from other feature
  • The process of a domain transfer is hectic
  • Long waiting time for contacting customer support
  • Lots of annoying pop-ups of promotions and upsell tactics



Both Godaddy and Namecheap are amazing in their own right. However, certain groups of people suit one brand more than the other. GoDaddy is for people who want a cheap domain and, at the same time, phone call customer support. On the other hand, Namecheap has a more robust service that is good for your website, especially if you are looking for a long-term website operation. It is also easier on Namecheap to transfer the domain than on GoDaddy.

Personally, I have always loved Namecheap over Godaddy. All my domains are registered on Namecheap. I use Namecheap VPN. Namecheap provides affordable Website hosting and email hosting. If you are not sure which one to choose, you can never go wrong with Namecheap.

I hope this Namecheap vs Godaddy article has helped you decide on which host you should use.

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