How to Monetize your Website with Facebook Ads

Monetize website - FB Audience Network

Last updated on March 11th, 2018 at 01:59 pm

You may try to monetize your website with Facebook Ads. Kind of the same thing  like with Google Adsense .

You can add the Facebook Audience Network advertisement code on your website and gain ad revenue from your web page visits/ Ad impressions  .


It’s important to note that:

  • Facebook is quite selective of sites they approve. But you should still go ahead and try to follow the process and see if you’ll get approved.
  • Currently the Facebook ads will only be shown on mobile websites.


The process

You may either watch the video above or Follow the step by step instructions below.

  1. Go to the Audience Network docs page and click on Start Now.

Facebook Audience Network


  1. Then a popup will come up.


You can create a new App or choose an existing one. Give it a name and click link to Facebook. Or choose the App you already have created by typing in it’s name.

Create a Facebook App for the Audience network


Then choose Mobile- Website. As shown in the image and video above.

Then add your email .

Choose a category .

And then click SignUp .


Then solve the Facebook Captcha. And click submit.

Solve the Facebook captcha


  1. Add your Website .

To add your website, click on Apps and Websites to add your domain.

Click Apps and website in Facebook Audience Tab


Scroll down to where it says Add your Website Domain .


Add website in Facebook Audience


Then click on Add Domain .

Add your website domain as I’ve added mine in the image below.

Add website Domain in Facebook App


  1. Now, let’s go and take the ad code that we need to put on the website.

Click on Placements , on the sidebar menu tab. This is where you can create ad placements that you can show on your mobile website. This is where we’ll grab code that we can add on the website.

facebook Audience Code placement


As you can see in the image and the video( above). You can create a new Ad placement or just use the default placement which is already there.

I will take the code from the default Active Placement which is there.

I will click on Get HTML (not Get Code) .


Feel free to watch the video above so that you can see how to create other ad Placements should you ever need to.


Then copy the code by clicking on COPY HTML .

Copy the Facebook Ad Code placement for my website

You can now take the code above. And place it anywhere in your Theme or Template. Put it somewhere you would want your visitors to see it when they visit your site. You can place it on the optimum location to maximize your revenue .

Example on WordPress .

In WordPress you can add the code on a Text Widget. Or you can add it directly in your Template where you want ads to show up.

I will use an example of WordPress Text Widget. If you do not know how to use  WP  Widgets watch this video first.

  • First, drag a Text Widget to the Widget Area where you want the ads.
  • Then paste in the Facebook Placement code you’ve just copied.
  • Then Save .
  • And then clear your cache if you use a cache plugin .
  • Then on your Mobile Phone visit the page with the ad. On the same browser, ensure you are logged into your Facebook account . The account you used for completing all the above processes.
  • You will see some Ad location on your mobile Website. Currently, it is only visible to you. As soon as you visited the page, Facebook got alerted to review your Website. They may Accept . And they may reject your website. You will be informed of the outcome via email.
  • Then go back to the AD Network Dashboard, click on Payout. And add your details to facilitate Payout.


You can also watch the video above to help you go through the processes.

If you have any questions feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

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