8 Delete Mailchimp subscribers / Lists

How to delete mailchimp subscribers

Last updated on February 5th, 2018 at 05:44 am


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Video Transcript

Hello guys, welcome back . Well in the last tutorial we saw how we can import lists when you have a lot more fields . We saw that, if you didn’t watch that video, go back and see how you can do it . In this video we are just going to see how we can delete a list. You can choose to delete subscribers one by one, for instance, if you choose…you can delete.

Let’s delete one ….Okay. You can do that. Or perhaps you want to delete a full list . So in this case . let’s say I want to delete this one . I will just click on it and click delete . So you must confirm. Then you delete that list.

Okay Guys that’s all I had for today. And watch the other videos from the playlist. Yeah If you go to the playlist you will see all the videos, all the MailChimp Tutorials in this course.


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Watch Full Mailchimp Tutorial for Beginners >>




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