7 Importing subscribers into MailChimp

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Hi guys, welcome back. As you can recall, we have imported a list, we have edited a list. Now what I want to do is to create a new list and show you something illustrative about Tab Delimitation.

So, I create a List; Create List. So as you remember, you have to give the list a name. Then from default email : This is mandatory , this one is also mandatory . So remind people how they joined the list. Then Click “Save”.

What we want to do is import a list, and this List will have extra Fields and you’ll see how to go about it. So the List we’ll be importing is this one. As you can see we’ve added a First Name, Second Name, a Location and the Title.

So how this is done, this is a Tab, so you Tab in between. The spacing in between it, that’s what delimitation is all about. In programming, there is something called delimitation whereby anything that is being listed or anything that needs to be separated can be delimited by a space, a Tab, you can use commas, you can use special Characters.

Like in a sentence, the grammatical way of delimitation is a space. So if you say my name is John, so you will write: My ‘Space’ name ‘Space’ is ‘Space’ John. The space is what is referred to as a delimiter.

In this case, we want to import that list, so Import from CSV/TXT file…. List Sample… Then “Upload List”.

You will see that each item that was delimited by a Tab/space becomes its own Field .Hence the Email became a Field, the First Name became a Field, and the second Name became a Field. And since there was no way for MailChimp to know the Title, it created an unnamed Title for them.

This is very simple, you can just “Edit” this. Click on “Edit” then you come here, “create a new column”, then “New Column Name” . Let’s call this one, First Name , then you “Save” …. “New Column Name”…Second Name…then you “Save” … Make a Selection …. “New Column Name”…This one is a Location…then you “Save” … then “Save” …

So “Complete Import”.

You will notice that there are these fields that we have here from MailChimp by Default. But this is easy for us guys now. So we’ll just go to “settings” click on “List Fields and *|MERGE TAGS|* “.The Fields that we are deleting are First Name and last Name. There… Then Type “DELETE”. “Delete Field”.

Then we still have one more to delete. Delete this one.

With that, Lets Click on “Save Changes” . Remember to save each and every time you make any changes here. “Manage Subscribers” …”View Subscribers”.

Our List of Bizanosa 2 has only the Fields that we need and we’ve been able to import everything in a very simple way by just using our TXT file and then editing once we imported and we realized that there was no title for these. We edited that as well. If you don’t need any of these fields, you know how to delete them. Ok Guys, thank you. Go to the Playlist and watch these videos one by one and at the end you will be good at this and you won’t ever find yourself hiring anyone to do this for you. This something you can do for yourself. Most of these are very simple tasks. That’s my goal for this course actually: to get you doing this for yourself. Thanks Guys, until next time


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Watch Full Mailchimp Tutorial for Beginners >>



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