12 Edit and Share Mailchimp forms

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12. Edit signup forms & share forms - Bizanosa Mailchimp Tutorial

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Video Transcript:

Hi guys. Welcome back. In this tutorial we are going to see how you can change some other colors. In the previous video, we did see how we can add the image here. We’ll see how we can add a Message and change the color of the button and see what else can be done, by going step by step, looking at what options we have in each of these.

So in the page, you’ve seen we can change the background, we changed the color, you saw that we can change the header. You can change the outer wrapper.

The next place I want to look at is this “Body” . SO the Body, is ,the embodiment of the form. If you want to change the Background of the form, this is where you will change it. You will just come, click on body, change the color here.

Then let’s go to forms. In forms it’s the same thing. I think this is the part that is important because I don’t think most people want a black button. So I want to change mine to be the same color such as this. So I will use colorZilla to pick a color. And I can pick the color, then to the Background of the button. I will give it this color. Give it time to load. SO what I would like to do is to make the color, the hover color close to the blue one.

I want a leaner color of this one. I can do that in Photoshop… So Buttons hovered. That’s the color that we’ve just picked from Photoshop. So you can see when I hover, at least it is close by.

You can change the colors of the text if you want to but I think white is good enough. You can change the Field labels Colors if you want to as well. You can see the color here is charcoal gray. You can also change the font size here.

Then there is Field Text . This is the color for what will be typed inside here. Required… If a field is required. Then Required Legend…

You can choose Help Text and change the style for how you want the font to appear. Under here , that’s what the help text is.

Then Errors, you can change the color, the font…if you want it bold…if you want it to be normal. You can change that here .

Then MonkeyRewards . If you are using the free option of MailChimp you must have this . Without it the campaign will not work. So if you want to change the image… You can come here . I think this looks subtle enough.

Okay, so we are done with all the design options that are here.

You can go through them once again . Just change things, do not be afraid to try it out. You can change as many things as you want and that’s how you’ll learn. That’s how you will become good at this.

The next thing I want to do is, I want to add a small message here…. Read our Terms and Conditions Here . There… I want to link to something. Well you can have these other options; open in a new tab ;Title attribute , you can add that as well , that’s what shows up when somebody hovers. You can remove the link , of course I want to insert the link.

There we go. Then I’ll save and Close. SO there you go. I can take this form and link to it anywhere on the internet. Okay there is the form. I think the form is good enough.

If you want to change yours, you can change yours however you wish.

You can also share this on Facebook…of course I don’t want to do that but you can do that.

You can share it on Twitter… I don’t want to do that but you can do that.

Then you can create a QR Code . You can create the QR Code and print it on your T-shirts, envelopes, you can print it on your products brands, anywhere. You can use it anywhere you can even use it as your Facebook profile picture. People are curious , they’ll want to know, what does this QR code lead to. Once they scan it, it will redirect them to your form.

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You can choose the size that you want for it. Let’s say I want the small one. Small… There it is . May Be I do want the medium.. There it is.

To download this, on a PC, I’m using a PC, you can do “CTRL + S” . Anywhere else just right click…Save the image As…Give it a name then save it.

If you want to download all the different sizes, you do the same thing . Just download them and use them wherever you’ll want people to see it and scan it. You can put it on anything you send out to your clients. It doesn’t matter where you put it as long as it is scan-able.

Ok guys, in the next video we are going to take a look at other forms . We don’t only have the signUp Form. We have other Forms. As you can see we have a whole lot of them here. If you want a Thank you form, Opt In Confirmation, so you can also have the unsubscribe forms . All these forms we’ll take a look at them in the next video.

Okay guys, as I have said in the other videos , just go to the playlist and watch these videos one by one from the start and by the time you are done, you will be good in MailChimp. You will do all these things yourself. And that’s actually my goal for this course. To get you doing this yourself.

Okay guys thanks for watching the video , and subscribe and like the video. Till Next time.


Editing MailChimp forms and sharing them on the web for people to sign up and for you to add subscribers to your MailChimp list.

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