Become a Marketing expert with these Coursera Specializations

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Marketing courses and specializations on Coursera.

Become a Marketer / Marketing expert

Marketing skills are the most in-demand qualifications in the current market. So if you are thinking of becoming a Marketer / Marketing Expert, go to  Coursera and start learning. Coursera is the world’s biggest provider of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). It provides them at a very manageable price. A number of marketing courses and  specializations are available at Coursera, which is a good thing but it’s also a challenge. As it makes it very hard when it comes to deciding which courses and specialization to join.

Actually if you really want to become a  paragon of Marketing, I would suggest you watch them all. It will take time and planning to achieve this, but it is doable.

The beauty of Coursera Courses and specializations is that, you can watch them from anywhere in the world as long as you have Internet connectivity. You may join the courses on a mobile device or on a computer device.

While Coursera courses may be free to watch, specializations will require a subscription fee of about $49 or $99 depending on the specialization.

Today I bring you the top marketing specializations on Coursera to help you become a Marketing Expert .

Below are the top Marketing Specializations on Coursera to help you become a Marketer / Marketing expert

#1 Digital Marketing Specialization:

Offered by the University of Illinois, Digital Marketing is a part of the iMBA. A fully-accredited, flexible online MBA, this specialization was among the top 10 in 2016 in terms of enrollments on Coursera. Its first course, Marketing in a Digital World has over 150,000 learners and is among the Top 50 MOOCs of All Time as rated by Class Central.

It focuses on the new digital marketing environment aspects. Including topics such as search engine optimization, digital marketing analytics, 3D Printing, & social media marketing. It will allow you to acquire a new set of tools and concepts to help you digitally distribute, promote, create, and price products & services. You may also check out Neil’s advice on how to become a digital Marketer.

The following are the individual courses that make up this Digital marketing Specialization: 

  1. Marketing in a Digital World >>
  2. Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Theory >>
  3. Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Practice >>
  4. Digital Marketing Channels: The Landscape >>
  5. Digital Marketing Channels: Planning >>
  6. Marketing in an Analog World >>
  7. Digital Marketing Capstone Project

You may also decide to join the individual classes in this Digital Marketing specialization. Each of the  courses have been created by the University of Illinois such that they build on each other. Coursera allows you to preview a full course for free, however to attain a certificate you must have a subscription. When you enroll in a Specialization you will be enrolled in all the courses that make up that full specialization.

#2  Marketing Mix Implementation Specialization:

This specialization examines the marketing mix and its four key concept (The 4 Ps of Marketing):

  • Pricing,
  • Product (Brand and Product Management),
  • Promotion (Communication Strategies, PR and Advertising), &
  • Place (Distribution Channel Strategy and Retail).

Its primary focus is on implementation thus allowing you to immediately put your learned lessons into action. After completing the specialization you’ll be able to be a part of the Capstone Project. Which will give you an opportunity to put your learned skills into action by running a real product through the marketing mix.

This Specialization is created by IE Business School. IE Business School is a globally renown business school where the leaders of tomorrow acquire new and improve on their ideas.

The specific courses in this Marketing Mix Specialization are:

  1. Brand and Product Management >>
  2. Pricing Strategy >>
  3. Channel Management and Retailing >>
  4. Integrated Marketing Communications: Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Marketing and more >>
  5. Marketing Mix Implementation Capstone >>

#3  Marketing Strategy Specialization:

This specialization examines the tools and concepts you require to successfully develop a product, business, or service’s marketing strategy. It goes through everything step-by-step, starting from understanding the main market research techniques and consumers, then learning how to segment, position and target correctly your product to achieve success. After that it analyzes the four critical areas in marketing: Price, Product, Promotion and Place. And finally you’ll learn how to embed everything into a Marketing Plan.

This Specialization is also created by IE Business School. IE Business School is a globally renown business school where the leaders of tomorrow acquire new and improve on their ideas and learn to become global leaders and managers.

The following are the specific Courses by IE Business school which make up this Marketing Strategy Specialization:

#4  Market Research Specialization

Market Research is a very important part of Marketing and Business in general. I mean, can you imagine starting a business that nobody cares about? You are there full of hopes and dreams and yet nobody really gives a damn about your business’s existence.

Can you imagine launching a new product or service. You have spent time and money. More like, wasted time and money. Then you realize that your customers aren’t even interested in it. Sometimes, carrying out a Market Research will save you time and money.

That’s what this specialization is about. This specialization will help you learn the ins and outs of market research. You will learn various research Methodologies. You will utilize the acquired data to make informed decisions. This specialization will ensure that you don’t go in blind.

You will learn to conduct the research, acquire the data and utilize that data appropriately after interpreting it.

This specialization is brought to you by the University of California, Davis (UC Davis). 

This Market Research Specialization consists the following individual courses from UC Davis:

  1. Research Proposal: Initiating Research >>
  2. Qualitative Research >>
  3. Quantitative Research >>
  4. Research Report: Delivering Insights >>

You are also free to join the courses individually or join the full Market Research Specialization.

#5  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization:

This Specialization focuses on website content optimization for the best possible search engine ranking. It teaches you the theory behind search engine algorithms. Along with Search Algorithms you’ll also learn real-world skills that you’ll be able to apply to a career in online content development or digital marketing. You will acquire Content marketing and digital marketing skills including optimizing for local and international audiences, aligning SEO with overall business strategies and conducting search-focused website audits. Each course is carefully placed building on the skills from the previous course, thus taking the courses in order is a must.

This SEO specialization is from The University of California, Davis.

The individual UC Davis courses that comprises this SEO specialization are:

  1. Introduction to Search Engine Optimization >>
  2. Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals >>
  3. Optimizing a Website for Search >>
  4. Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO >>
  5. Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies >>
  6. Website Optimization Client Report Project >>

#6  Strategic Sales Management Specialization:

Intended for sales professionals, who wants to improve their management skills and sales planning. It consists of five courses which covers Models and Frameworks to Support Sales Planning, Effective Sales overview, Sales & Marketing Alignment, Sales Strategy.

After completing the specialization, you’ll have improved your competencies, skills and knowledge regarding the sales planning process. And will enable you to bridge the gap between sales and strategy by applying the concepts integrating the strategy of the company to sales planning process.

This specialization is brought to you by Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA) which  is globally recognized as one of the best business schools in Brazil.

This Strategic Sales Management Specialization from FIA comprises the following individual courses:

  1. Effective Sales – An Overview >>
  2. Sales Strategy >>
  3. Models & Frameworks to Support Sales Planning >>
  4. Sales & Marketing Alignment >>
  5. Strategic Sales Management Final Project >>

#7  Pricing Strategy Optimization Specialization

This marketing specialization is targeted at  you if you want to learn about pricing strategies. You will learn how to price your products and services. You will acquire the pricing skills used by the top marketers and consultants.

This pricing Strategy specialization is brought to you by The University of Virginia Darden School of Business, in Partnership with the Boston Consulting group.

This specialization consists the following courses:

  1. Cost and Economics in Pricing Strategy >>
  2. Customer Value in Pricing Strategy >>
  3. Market and Competition in Pricing Strategy >>
  4. Pricing Strategy in Practice >>

Each of these courses may be taken on their own. If you do not want to watch the full specialization then you may join these courses individually. However, completing the specialization has a higher return value.

#8  Foundations of Marketing Analytics Specialization

 This is one of my favorite marketing specializations on Coursera. We currently live in a data-driven world. This marketing specialization will teach you how to make informed decisions using data and analytics. You will learn, to collect, observe and interpret that data for marketing purposes. This is a mandatory specialization for anyone who wants to claim the title Marketing Expert.

This Coursera specialization is brought to you by Emory University. Emory University is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is one of the  topmost  research universities in the world.

In this Foundations of Marketing Analytics Specialization you will learn how to:

  • Obtain, extrapolate, sort out and portray information to help business choices
  • Identify, evaluate and translate connections between business factors
  • Derive customer knowledge and insights from your data
  • Develop spreadsheet models to dissect information, assess risks and improve business choices
  • Present a justifiable business and marketing strategy to management

The following are the individual Marketing courses that make up this specialization:

  1. Meaningful Marketing Insights >>
  2. Managing Uncertainty in Marketing Analytics >>
  3. Forecasting Models for Marketing Decisions >>
  4. Survey analysis to Gain Marketing Insights >>
  5. Introduction to Social Media Analytics >>
  6. Marketing Analytics Capstone Project >>

You may decide to join any of the above courses one by one. If you manage to finish it, you may decide to join another. Or just pace yourself and join the full Foundations of Marketing Analytics Specialization.

#9  Public Relations For Digital Media Specialization

Public relations still plays a key role in business today. Most business facets have migrated online. However, PR can still be utilized in the modern Marketing and branding of the business.

This specialization will show you how to create a Public Relations strategy in this Digital world we live in. This Coursera specialization is all about PR strategy in the age of Digitals.

This Public relations specialization is brought to you by The National University of Singapore (NUS). NUS is a respectable, leading and global University located in Asia.

In this Public Relations For Digital Media Specialization you will learn :

  • An overview of PR
  • PR strategies for long-term business and brand goals
  • Examples and theoretical PR and communication knowledge
  • Practical experience by carrying out quantitative and qualitative research
  • How to plan campaigns and optimize social Media
  • In the final project you’ll develop a communication plan based on a real world problem in PR.

The individual courses by The National University of Singapore that make up this PR specialization are:

  1. Introduction to Public Relations >>
  2. Public Relations Research >>
  3. Public Relations Campaigns >>
  4. Social Media in Public Relations >>
  5. Public Relations Capstone Project >>

As always, any of the above courses is available for you to join. Or you could join the complete Public Relations For Digital Media Specialization .

You can browse the full marketing catalogue of Courses and specializations on Coursera here.

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