How To market your business affordably – Small business marketing strategies

Last updated on August 30th, 2016 at 12:30 pm.

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Marketing can be expensive for small businesses that do not have a constant budget set aside solely for the purpose of marketing research and getting new customers. In this post you will learn some easy ways to market afford-ably.
Get your stars to shine in business, change your business beliefs and achieve success in your business endeavor . You are not be able to run a new business successfully  without  marketing , you do not essentially need to have the largest budget or the best marketers in the trade, however there are some  basic and affordable ways that you can explore. Some of these include:


1. Social Media :

You can’t ignore Facebook,Instagram and Twitter, there are heaps of others too, however you can’t ignore these two (Facebook and twitter). Create your Facebook page and a twitter account for your business. Begin posting materials concerning your services and products. Give folks smart tips that they will find fruitful. Do not market your business too much on social media. Nobody wants to be advertised to these days.Get your friends to assist you promote your accounts. Build a following on social media and you will have loyal customers in the long run.


2. A website:

Enough has been said concerning websites. Get your web site to rank well. With just a  web site you’re in a position  to run a business from home. Folks fill your web form on the web site , you get their message in your email, contact them and serve them as appropriately with your services. That simple? Not entirely true.  You must  have a web site which will be found once services about your business are sought for on the internet. That’s what web site optimization (SEO) is all about. Do not be intimidated by what you don’t understand, a decent internet designer must be savvy enough  to realize this for your website. A web site is on-line everyday twenty four hours, meaning your business contacts are on-line twenty four hours. As long as you’ve got a web site be patient, you will definitely  get calls, doesn’t need to be daily however you will get calls.


3.Web Directories:

There are several free directories where you’ll be able to add your business. Most of those directories have commonplace fields, particularly description, your web site address, your email, etc. To get noticed, research good  internet directories and add your business listing. Go crazy concerning this. Add your business to as many directories as possible. It may get tiresome however that’s how starting  a business is, do not stop doing the things that you feel too tired to do and you will succeed in business. Do NOT be lazy , keep adding your business to directories.


4.Google places and Google maps.

Add your business on Google places and Google maps. How? Simply search on Google a way how to add your business on Google places and you will find an answer right from Google, similarly search on how to add your business on Google maps and you will be presented with the most recent of how to do so.  If I post a link to each, here, there would be a possibility that the procedure will change. We tend to all recognize Google changes sooner or later. To avoid giving a strict procedure it is better I show you how to get the procedure.


5. Be talkative and vocal concerning your business.

You’re in business, why hide what you do?After all you would like to succeed. And for you to succeed you want to tell your future customers concerning your new business. Tell everybody about what you are doing. Do not be shy. Word of mouth has always been the best form of Marketing and is surely the cheapest, all it takes is you to open up and talk about our business. I am not saying you talk about your business all the time, your friends might start to avoid you. Just mention it and make sure you give a card to everyone of your friends or acquaintances. Always walk with a business card. In case I haven’t mentioned it anywhere on this post, GET YOURSELF A BUSINESS CARD.

6. Video Marketing

Video is the future. Get yourself a YouTube and / or Vimeo Channel and start publishing video content. Then create your video Blog and embed videos on it.

An entrepreneur is a Marketer by default.





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