#2 Mailchimp Website Builder Tutorial Video

Last updated on May 19th, 2020 at 06:52 am.

#2 Mailchimp Website Builder PART 2 - Design Header

Watch the video above to learn how to build your Website using the Mailchimp Website Builder Platform.

Video Transcript

Welcome back . This is where we stopped in the last video . So let’s go back into pages and I want to see if we can delete a page here. We cant delete that because it is the homepage. I will save.

Let’s see if we can delete it now, we still can’t. Lemme change this into the homepage . Back into pages . Set as home page, and I want to call it , welcome. Let’s see if we can delete it now. Yes, you can delete it after you set another page as the home page.

Let’s see which elements we don’t need here and we can just remove them . Like this one, we don’t need this, we are going to delete it, delete. About here, we can About. Contact. You can delete any of these if you don’t want any of them.

Products , we probably wont need this section, so I’ll remove this section. Testimonials, yeah, we can leave that for now. Subscriber, we can leave it for now. If there is anything we’ll need to remove, we are going to remove them.

So, any of the sections I’ve deleted, I can come here under sections, if I scroll down you can see I have removed one section. So, any of these sections if you don’t want them, you can always remove them.

For this, let us change this color back to white , and it keeps going back to black. Let me delete this. And I can add this into the featured section. And once you add that you can change the style of the image.

This is an image that has text, so you can change the style. If I want it to be something like this, I can do that. And I’m going to browse and add an image. So, I’ll add an image there. This will be on this side. And then we want the text to be on this side.

Let me go into content and I want this to make this my home page and I’ll say …

So this will be like a header . I can increase the size all the way. Let’s see how big 48 will be , and then we make it bold. And we can push it down. So, I want this to be a subheading of this, and I will increase the size to 30.

And we want it to be slightly gray as compared to this. If you want to change the font, come there . I can add a paragraph down here just to introduce people to Arnold . And then I can save and close.

Here would be a really nice place to add a button, but unfortunately right now in Mailchimp there is no way for you to add a button directly on this. Like, if I bring this button here , I cant put it there. If you know CSS then you can do it. I personally can do it, but I don’t want to complicate this tutorial.

I can add the button here, and then, just to give you an overview of how you can do something like that, I will add the button there . And I will click on the button to change the style of the button.

Let’s position it to the left. Oops. That’s the box shadow. We want to position this, align it to the left. What I can then do in this case is to use CSS to bring it up here. Unfortunately I don’t want to complicate the course for you, so another alternative is we can just use Text.

Maybe the guy has a portfolio so we can say Check out my portfolio here. We can increase the font of this to 24, make it bold. And you can add a link. And then insert the link . Things like these are very easy for someone like me because I can just use CSS to edit this.

So if you want to use CSS to edit something like this, you’d come in here Here you see, you can add CSS but I don’t want to do this right now because it is going to complicate things and I don’t want to complicate this for you especially if you don’t know HTML and CSS . You can add CSS. You can edit this element right there.

Let me just edit the M, so that you can see what I mean. And as I edit it, you can edit it in the same way you can add CSS. And the beautiful thing is you already have CSS that has been added here so you know CSS you can just add your CSS here

So since this looks bad here, what you can do is, you can use an image for this button. I’m going to go offline for a moment and I am going to create a Check My portfolio image and then I’m going to add it here and it is going to look much better than it does now .

So I’ve just created a simple item that looks like a button here, and this is in GIMP. GIMP is free image editing software. I can remove this. And let us add the image. I will upload an image. I will click on it. Click on insert . And I can reduce it down to about 220px and keep proportions so that it doesn’t lose the Aspect ratio . And you can link to a URL here. Let us say you want to link to another website. And I will just link to example.com .

Of course you are going to need to link to wherever your portfolio is or wherever you are lining to, maybe you are linking to Contact me , you are linking to about me, services and so much more.

If you want it to open in anew window, check that. And I’ll just save and insert . Now you can see it is much better than how it was initially. You can add more spacing between all these elements if that’s an issue for you.

That’s the top part, somebody comes in that’s what they are going to see. So here you are probably going to have your own image and even in the background you can also have a background image. Let me just do this as a sample but I’m going to remove it.

You can add a background image if that’s something that you want to work with. And if you want to remove the background image, just hover once again and click on clear.

So you can use a background image if you want to. If that is something that is very very important for you. You can use a background image.

Let us see what we can add on these other parts. And here, you can add an image . Just click there to add the image that you want to add. And I’ll click replace to add another image. And I will just use some of the images which are already here.

But of course for you, you have to go according to your branding. Whatever it is you want to portray here , your about , whether it is services you want to portray. You can do that .

Contact, maybe you want to change the contact there. Go ahead and change the contact . Then this contact you can link to an address, maybe you have a form somewhere else or you are using Google forms . You can add that there.

Here under contacts, let’s see if we can add a small Whatsapp icon, so that if people are on mobile, they can click on the Whatsapp icon and it is going to open up Whatsapp . That’s something you can do as well and in the next video let’s see how you can do something like that.

I will see you next time , in the next video.

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