Full length MailChimp course video compilation

Last updated on October 31st, 2020 at 05:58 am.

This video is a compilation of all the MailChimp course videos into one video.

You can watch the videos individually by :

  1. Clicking on Watch Next and Watch previous below each post .
bizanosa full mailchimp tutorial video 2h
Location of next and previous in the current Bizanosa theme.

2. Go to URL for the page and change the last numbers in the url /  or the word ‘full’ .

Each video in a certain course has the same url (link), except for the last digits. The last digits helps to identify which number the video is in the course list.

For video compilations, the last part is the word “full”.

Example in the mailchimp course, the links are as follows:

First video link: https://bizanosa.com/mailchimp-course-by-bizanosa-1/
Second video link: https://bizanosa.com/mailchimp-course-by-bizanosa-2/
Third video link: https://bizanosa.com/mailchimp-course-by-bizanosa-3/
…and so on and so on….

The link of the compilation video  is as follows:

The compilation video  has all the videos for that particular course compiled into one video file

bizanosa course url rules for compilations and video courses
How the links for Bizanosa course lesson videos are named.

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