22. Add a popup on WordPress using PopupAlly plugin

Last updated on October 31st, 2020 at 04:29 am.

22.PopUp SIgnUP form in WordPress POPUPALLY PLUGIN - MailChimp Course

Video Transcript:

Hi guys. Welcome back . We are starting from where we stopped last time. We saw some of the settings, some of the options that are available on popupally. In this video we’ll see how we’ll build our form. We’ll design the form. So without further ado, let’s get started on that.

So we’ll go to style settings. As you saw in the settings for the display, there was a popup 1 and a popup 2. A popup two. So in the free plugin you have two popups . SO you can have one popup, maybe one popup can be for all pages another one for all posts . Or you can have one whereby it is embedded at the end of the posts. So that’s what we’ll do. The first form will be , the first popup will appear on pages and posts as a popup and then the other will be at the end of the posts . So we’ll create this second one in the next video.

So for the first one, let’s get started with this first one. So the Signup form HTML. So for this we’ll go to MailChimp to get our embed code . So you know how to get here. Just to show you, you’ll go to lists . then you’ll click here, then click on Signup Forms. Then you’ll click on embedded forms . Just take the code as it is. Then come back and paste the code right here.

So the name field, Name field is merge 3. Then the email field was named email.

So here we have the popup templates. So let’s just take a look at this and see how it will be on our website. So we save changes. Once we save the changes, let’s go back to our display settings, “Display Settings”. Then we want this to be a time-delayed popup and I will put in 2 seconds, to show up after two seconds. Then I’ll come down here and select show for All Pages and for All Posts. And one important thing that I have to do is, I want this to appear every time I refresh so I will use -1 days . Right now I am doing this because it is for testing purposes, otherwise I will have to change this number back to 14 or 15 days. So I will save the changes.

Once I save these changes, let me go to the website . So, as you can see this is how the form appears . That’s how you can create the first form. We’ll go back to Style Settings and we’ll see how we can.. We can design the form. So what you can see is, you can change the background color. And the preview is here. This is just some CSS error with the , with the plugin but it’s no big deal.

Every change you make will be visible here. So let’s say we change the background color. I can actually give it that blue . Then we can change this Text headline . You see… Your name and all that… ‘to subscribe’ . you can see that changed this, you can write whatever you wish there .

You can actually have a logo image . The image would appear here. I don’t want to use an image so I’ll just remove that. So to change this, you’ll change it here ‘Introduce Yourself and your program’ . ‘Of new video tutorials’ you can change the text for this, in this area . then you can change the button text. Button Text you’ll change here. This is the first time I think want a black button. I will select the color .

So this is on the footer item, you can add whatever you want to tell your subscribers in this field .And it will be added here . So that’s it for the first form. You can save the changes . Let us go back to our Website and take a look . SO after 2 seconds, there we go .

This is it for this video guys, in the next video we will create the second popup so that we can add it at the end of every post. Subscribe, share and like the videos. Until next time guys .

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