2. Watch Registration on MailChimp video

Last updated on October 31st, 2020 at 04:36 am.

2. Registration on MailChimp Part one - Bizanosa Mailchimp course

Hey you. It’s good to have you back in this MailChimp course. In this post we’ll see how you are able to register on http://mailchimp.com . Watch the video to  see the MailChimp registration step by step guide. Or read the process below on signing up.

  1. On the MailChimp Homepage, click on “Sign Up Free”.
  1. Fill in all your details and create a username and Password . When setting up the password, take note of all the Password rules indicated.
  1. Once you have filled in all the fields click on “Create My account” .
  1. Now go to your email and confirm your email in order to activate your MailChimp Account.
  1. After email confirmation go through the robot Check .
  1. Click on “I’m not a robot “ and then click on “Confirm SignUp” Button .

Select all the images based on the image shown or the description given. And then click  “Verify” .

On the next page, fill in all your details as accurately as possible .

After filling in all the details in the last step, click on “Save and get started “ button.

In the next video / post you will log into your MailChimp Dashboard. If this is your first time working with MailChimp you will get a quick tour and see all the various available options on the dashboard.

All the settings and menu items to be covered throughout this course will be seen in the next video.

If you experienced an issues during the MailChimp registration process, be sure to comment below. Watch the video for the step by step guide as I create a new MChimp account. You can also feel free to Google for a solution online and provide a detailed description of the problem experienced and how it was solved.

That’s it for you. Feel free to leave your feedback.  Thank you and see you next time.

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