13. Other MailChimp forms and emails to know about

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In the previous post we saw how to edit and share Mailchimp forms on social media and using QR code .

In this post  we want to take a look at other forms on MailChimp. These are default forms and emails which are used for various functions.

I showed you how to create and edit your email signup form.

The other forms are also already there for you to use  They were listed in that post as well. They include:

  • Signup form
  • Signup form with alerts
  • Signup “thank you” page
  • Opt-in confirmation email
  • Opt-in confirmation captcha
  • Confirmation “thank you” page
  • Final “welcome” email
  • Unsubscribe form
  • Unsubscribe success page
  • “Goodbye” email
  • Profile update email
  • Profile update email sent
  • Update profile form
  • Update profile sample form
  • Update profile “thank you” page
  • Forward to a friend form
  • Forward to a friend email
  • About your list
  • Campaign archive page
  • Survey landing page
  • Automation Landing Page

These are the forms and emails that you have in your Mailchimp account.

To access the other emails and forms

To see the other forms/emails available for you, you will go to the list you are interested in.

Then click on Signup forms.

And then choose General forms.

You should now be in the general forms window. Under the Create Forms Heading , there is Forms and response emails .

Click the dropdown and you will see all the forms and emails.

You may then click on the email / form that you would like to edit.

You can watch the video to see the step by step process.

Some examples

opt-in confirmation email

The opt-in confirmation email is the email that is sent to the subscriber so that they can confirm there subscription to you.

So let’s take a look at the form. In the drop down choose opt-in confirmation email.

Under the build it tab ,You can change the design of the form along with:

From : You may change this to your name or your company name. By default, it will take the merge tag from the name you entered for your list.

Reply-to: he email that can be used for replying to you. B default it takes the email you added in your list.

Subject : Email subject that will be seen by the recipient.

It  takes the original design, same as for the signup form. What changes is form/email content.

You can edit it as you deem necessary. Some details cannot be edited . For instance the footer and the button text cannot be changed.

The sole purpose of this email, is to get the subscribers to confirm their subscription to your list.

It inherits the colors that you have in your signup form. And that is the same for all the other emails and forms in the general forms list.

 Yes subscribe me, that is the default button text. And it cannot be changed. When they receive the email and click on the button, they will automatically get subscribed to your list .

You can edit the editable parts of the form as much as you wish. You can change the text that is sent out. Button text, however cannot be changed.

Confirmation thank you

Once they have confirmed that they want to join your list.

You can use the confirmation thank you page to show you appreciation to your new subscriber. Perhaps you can provide them with a download or a helpful introduction for what to expect from you.

They’ll receive this and then they can go manage their preferences or continue to your website.

Your website link is pulled from the List or your account details.

Instead of showing the confirmation thank you page ,you can also send the new subscriber to a link on our website

To do this…

At the top of the form there is this message : “Instead of showing this thank you page, send subscribers to another URL” .

Add your link in the text box under this message. Make sure it is an absolute link (eg  http://javascriptbear.com ) .

Let’s say you want them to download an ebook or a video, instead of showing the thank you page, subscribers will be directed to the download page you add in the above text box .

As explained in the above video:  Let’s say for instance  you have a YouTube channel  and you direct people to the link to your signup form , they signup , they confirm and in the end you want them to download something . You can put the link for the download here so that once they’ve signed up , instead of sending them to this page with this form, you will just redirect them to the link for your download

The unsubscribe form…so If you want to do it manually , here is the link. You can just add this link manually in your template or anywhere on your website . You can have people just click on it and it will take them to the unsubscribe.

The unsubscribe form

The unsubscribe form is where subscribers will be redirected to . They will then input their email and unsubscribe from your list.

The unsubscribe form url is located just at the very top of the form. You can copy it and paste it anywhere . And when someone clicks on it, they will be taken to your unsubscribe form.

Unsubscribe Success page

Once a subscriber successfully unsubscribes from your list.  They will be taken to the Unsubscribe Success page . or you can create another page on your website and add that link to where it says “Instead of showing this unsubscribe successful page, send subscribers to another URL” .


GoodBye email

This is the email that people will receive when they unsubscribe from your list. It is advisable to write something that may encourage them to subscribe to your list again.

If  you want to change any emails and forms under general forms. Choose them under the dropdown and edit it as necessary.

Any of these forms that you’ll want to edit, all of them are there . You just go there and you figure out which one it is  , then you edit them.

Go to the next post where you will learn  how to translate your Mailchimp forms .

Feel free to ask any question in the comments section below.

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