11. Introduction to general forms in MailChimp

Last updated on October 30th, 2020 at 04:36 pm.

11.Mailchimp Forms - creating newsletter signup forms -Mailchimp course

Introduction to MailChimp Forms

Hi and welcome back . In the last section we looked at all about Mailchimp Lists, ending the section with how to create mail chimp segments .

In this coming series we’ll take a look at Forms in MailChimp . We’ll look at three different types of Forms:

  • General Forms
  • Embedded Forms
  • Subscriber Popup

We’ll start with General forms . These are forms that are hosted on Mailchimp.com .  There are different types of General forms (and emails):

  • Signup form
  • Signup form with alerts
  • Signup “thank you” page
  • Opt-in confirmation email
  • Opt-in confirmation captcha
  • Confirmation “thank you” page
  • Final “welcome” email
  • Unsubscribe form
  • Unsubscribe success page
  • “Goodbye” email
  • Profile update email
  • Profile update email sent
  • Update profile form
  • Update profile sample form
  • Update profile “thank you” page
  • Forward to a friend form
  • Forward to a friend email
  • About your list
  • Campaign archive page
  • Survey landing page
  • Automation Landing Page

WTH ! Are we going to look at all these?

 No .

We’ll only look at the signup form . This is the form for collecting subscriber emails. The rest will be easy to understand because they are already on Mailchimp .

And some can be edited and some are not editable. They are triggered automatically.

For instance if someone wants to unsubscribe from your list, the Unsubscribe form  will be shown to them , then the Unsubscribe success page will be triggered and loaded for them next.

We’ll only worry about the Signup form.

A look at signup Forms

  1. First of all we want to go to the Lists tab on the menu and click on it.
  2. If you have more than one list, they will all be listed.

At the end of each list, on the far right, there is a  Dropdown button with a dropdown pointer . This is located next to the Stats button. It is at the very end, on the right.

For the list that you want to edit the signup forms, click on that dropdown button.

Then click on Signup Forms .

In the next window that appears you can choose to go to General Forms, Embedded Forms, Subscriber Popup or Form integrations .

  1. Right now we are interested in General Forms. So click on General Forms .

If all you want is a link for people to subscribe to your list, you are in the right place.  You can copy your signup form link from the signup from URL textbox . The link looks like this http://eepurl.com/brMpjv . ( My list: Sign Up on the Bizanosa list here : http://eepurl.com/brMpjv  )

The signup Form  is already available . It is created based on the fields you have  in your list.

Editing the Mailchimp SignUp Form

You can duplicate or delete a field. To duplicate or delete a field, click on it and then click the + or  buttons that appears under it. The Plus will duplicate it. The minus will delete it.

To delete a field you will need to confirm deletion by Typing in the word DELETE and then click on Delete Field .

You want to have a shorter form. So deleting fields like Second Name and location will be a good idea. Remove any unnecessary fields to make the signup form smaller.

The fewer the fields in your signup form, the better .

You can also delete fields by selecting it . And then on the right, you will see a link to Delete the Field or to Replicate (duplicate) it . These Links are located below the Save Field button .

On the right area you can also change details for any field. For example once you click a field you can:

  • Change the label for the field, eg from Email Address to just Email .
  • Change the name for the Merge tag for that field.
  • You can make a field to be required or not Required
  • You can choose to hide or show a field
  • You can add help text such as ‘Enter your email Here’
  • You can add a Field .

The types of fields that can be added are:

  • text
  • number
  • radio buttons
  • check boxes
  • drop down
  • date
  • birthday
  • address
  • zip code (US only)
  • phone
  • website
  • image

If you are creating a registration where you want  people’s details. You can create fields with the different types of fields above.

For a registration form you can create a larger form.  But if you are looking for subscribers, it’s advisable to keep the form as small as possible .

Edit the Mailchimp Signup form’s Design

Just above the Forms, there are 3 Links : Build it , Design it and Translate it.

Right now you are in Build it. If you want to edit the Design of the form, click on Design it.

Under Design it there are various links. These links are :

Page : This will style the Background for the form, the Header and the Outer Wrapper. You can make changes to see what they affect.

Body : In the body, you can style the Foreground color. The body contains the form elements only (No header and Footer/MonkeyRewards) .

In the body you can also style the Default Texts. You can change color and sizes. You can also change the color for any links in the form.

Forms : Here you can change the styles for the Form elements such as Buttons, Field labels, Field Texts and so on.

MonkeyRewards : Here you can change the alignment of the Monkey Rewards. And the image for the monkey rewards. The monkeyRewards refers to the Mailchimp logo you will see on campaigns you receive. This is mandatory for free Mailchimp accounts.

Note : All changes you made on this design, will reflect on all the other types of forms listed above. It will affect the design of the signup form as well as all other forms and emails. Therefore make sure all the colors are working well for all the different forms and emails.

You can watch the video to see how I implemented some of the changes such as changing the Background color and adding a Header image.

Most of these are very easy processes that just require you to click something and follow the steps. They are very self explanatory and will not be hard to accomplish. Even if you experience any challenges, you can always comment below and I will help you.

If you want to brand your Form according to your website , then you can use the colors that you use on your website.

Feel free to comment with your questions.

You can read some things about Mailchimp forms and the form builder here .

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