Mailchimp Combine Audiences – Delete Audiences

Last updated on June 10th, 2022 at 05:40 pm.

Watch the video above if you want to combine and Delete Mailchimp Audiences.

Mailchimp Combine Audiences – Delete Audiences

Video Captions

Combine Mailchimp Audiences 

How to combine your Mailchimp lists; your Mailchimp audience. Come here under Audience and click here so that you can view all your audiences.

I want to combine these two audiences, so I will come in here and I’ll just select this one. I can click on Combine audiences. I want to combine it with… which audience? I will choose the audience there,  then click next . Just read that for more helpful information about how to conserve your data when you’re combining the two audiences. here i’m just going to click on confirm. I’m just going to type confirm to confirm the combination of the Mailchimp audiences.Combine Mailchimp audiences.

The contacts which were in this audience have been moved to the other one. The one that you want to move into the other list, that’s the one that you need to select  combine audience. And it will be moved . If you have multiple audiences that you want to combine, what you can do is, combine one into the other and then that into another until you’re completely done.

Delete Mailchimp Audience

Now that I’ve done this, let’s see if I can delete it. You can only delete an audience if it doesn’t have anything going on. What does that mean ? If  it doesn’t have a landing page that is active, it doesn’t have an automation that is active then you can delete it. Otherwise you’ll need to go here under campaigns and then select that list to delete all the elements that are connected to it. 

Before deleting the Audience let’s just confirm if there is anything that’s connected to it. I’ll come in here and I’ll click on it. It’s  already selected there and I can see I’ve deleted everything in that list. That means I can delete it . i’ll just come back here under audience and i’ll go to view all audiences and i’ll select it and then delete it. Type delete.

And that should delete it . That is how to combine and delete an email list or an audience in Mailchimp.

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