Learn both Mailchimp and GetResponse in this Video [3 Hours]

Last updated on July 1st, 2018 at 11:42 am.

Yap! I combined them for you. Mailchimp and GetResponse Tutorial.

In this video you will learn how to use Mailchimp and Getresponse in one Video. You can also jump from section to section as indicated below in the Youtube Description .

The following is the timeline for this Getresponse and Mailchimp Tutorial .Feel free to skip to the bit that has the information you want to learn about.

By the end of this video tutorial you will be able to use either Getresponse or Mailchimp for your email Marketing Tasks.

The timeline for the video is below:
(The times represent where the section begins in this format of: HH:MM:SS ie hours:minutes:seconds )

MAILCHIMP (hours:minutes:seconds )

Intro : 00:00:00
Full Mailchimp Tutorial: 00:01:27
Add Mailchimp signup form on Facebook : 00:32:29
Embed a signup form on WordPress : 00:35:34
Mailchimp Automation Tutorial : 00:42:55
Merge tags and debugging them: 00:59:24

GETRESPONSE (hours:minutes:seconds )

Getresponse Intro: 01:03:23
Signup on Getresponse.com: 01:05:56
GetResponse dashboard: 01:08:29
Add email contacts manually: 01:16:00
Import Subscribers: 01:22:10
Import a file of contacts /subscribers : 1:30:30
Import from other platforms: 01:39:33
Introduction to GetResponse Forms : 01:46:10
Create forms using wizard : 01:49:25
Create Getresponse form: 01:51:22
Publish a form to be hosted on Getresponse.com : 2:00:45
Embed Form on WordPress : 02:08:08
About the List Builder App forms : 02:14:04
Create an Exit intent popup form : 02:21:00
Add Exit intent popup on WordPress : 02:28:08
Add A download Popup in WordPress : 02:32:31
Add a Getresponse email signup form on WordPress sidebar: 02:38:37
Plain HTML forms: 02:44:45
Add a Getresponse Form to Facebook Page: 02:48:19
How to use the Getresponse WordPress plugin: 02:57:07
About Getresponse Newsletters / Messages : 03:05:15
Create an email using the Drag and Drop Email Editor : 03:10:15
Create an Email and send your first Newsletter on Getresponse: 03:17:42

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The full GetResponse Tutorial for beginners is here : https://bizanosa.com/getresponse/

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