Laravel artisan commands

Last updated on October 30th, 2020 at 04:08 pm.

Here is a list of some commands you will definitely find useful while developing with Laravel.

# Application Configuration

key: generate    Generate a secure application key.

# Database Tables

session: table    Generate a migration for the sessions database table.

# Migrations

migrate:install   Create the Laravel migration table.

migrate:make    Create a migration.

migrate                Run outstanding migrations.

migrate:rollback               Roll back the most recent migration.

migrate:reset    Roll back all migrations.

# Bundles

bundle: install    Install a bundle.

bundle: upgrade              Upgrade a bundle.

bundle: publish Publish all bundles assets.

# Unit Testing

test        Run the application’s tests.

# Routing

route:call             Call a route.

# Application Keys

key:generate     Generate an application key.

# CLI Options

–env–  Set the Laravel environment.

–database=       Set the default database connection.

Laravel artisan commands

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