Ivacy VPN vs Pure VPN

Last updated on February 6th, 2023 at 01:55 pm.

ivacy vpn vs pure vpn

Ivacy VPN vs Pure VPN

The best way to secure your web traffic while staying anonymous online is by using a virtual private network (VPN). Let’s take a look at two of the very best commercial VPN (virtual private network) service providers, Ivacy VPN and Pure VPN. Both are great VPN service providers as they both puts the interest of their customers first. To help you decide which to choose, we’ll judge both VPN services on the basis of client software, number of server locations, speed, security, price and customer support.

Client Software:

Dedicated apps are being offered by Ivacy for Android, Windows, Mac, & iOS. The Windows desktop software of Ivacy VPN is well designed and very intuitive. But there are some problems with its functionality such as there were some mixed server connections along with some connection issues when i used it. Also the settings seemed to be a bit limited.

Pure VPN have got a very responsive app for Mac, while its iOS App comes with a very user-friendly interface that provides handy operation. Also its iOS App is available in a variety of languages such as Turkish, Chinese, Arabic and Spanish languages. Thus enabling iOS users to experience the internet like never before.

Number of Server Locations:

Pure VPN allows its users to stream via 500+ servers around the globe. Thus providing them with high-speed streaming through its various powerful servers. Ivacy VPN have servers (250+) in 100+ locations, thus enabling its users to access any geo-restricted content without any restrictions from anyplace in the world.


Both browsing and downloading speed of Ivacy VPN were good enough although they could have been better. As one thing i noticed in particular was that the more you raise the encryption level, the speed decreased in both browsing and downloading.

Pure VPN have an upper-hand here as with its 500+ servers, it allows its users to browse and stream at high speeds.


256-bit encryption software is being used by PureVPN along with 3 security protocols namely SSTP, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP. All these security procedures combined provides its users with the ability to stream, surf the web, download torrents securely and access restricted sites.

Ivacy VPN offers top notch online security with its encryption levels (256 bit level encryption) and secure tunneling protocols (L2TP / IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN (TCP & UDP)). Thus protecting all your private and sensitive information online from spammers, snoopers, hackers, phishers etc.


No free trial is offered by either of them but don’t be disappointed as they both does provide a 7 days money back guarantee. Both offers a variety of plans which are offered at extremely affordable prices making them both very cost-effective. Also both offers a variety of online payment methods so that users from anyplace can pay for their services.

Customer Support:

PureVPN offers customer support in the form of FAQs, support tickets, Live Chat support and forum. While Ivacy VPN has a three-pillared customer support infrastructure. This constitutes email, Skype call and ticketing system. Both services provides great customer support that is way better than many of the other VPN services out there.

Read this PureVPN rating to see a slightly more in-depth analysis of the software.

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