How to setup Realtek & Mediatek Wifi Adapter Drivers

Last updated on April 21st, 2020 at 04:22 pm.

Watch the video above to learn how to setup the Wireless adapter drivers for your Wifi Dongle.

Video captions:

1 Realtek Wifi Adapter Drivers

Hi and welcome. In this video I’m going
to show you how you can set up the USB Wi-Fi adapter

If your computer
doesn’t come with a Wi-Fi card and it
doesn’t have the capability to connect
to wireless networks then this adapter
will give you a computer that capability
and in this video I’m going to show you
how to set it up.

I’m going to show you how to install the drivers and then
you’re also going to see how you can use
it on your computer. The first thing,plug in the adapter .

Once you plug it in, in most cases it’s going to be plug
and play for Windows 8.1 Windows 10 but
for Windows 7 and below you’re going to
have to install the drivers and if yours
came with a driver CD then you can just
insert the CD inside of your disc drive.

If yours didn’t come with a driver CD then
you can download it from .

Once you put in the CD just open the files . There are two
companies that manufacture these drivers
and devices. We have mediatek and RealTek, so
sometimes you don’t know which one runs
your adapter. You can try installing one,
if it doesn’t work you try the other one.

In this case I think this one is by Realtek so I’m just going to open it up .
If you’re using Linux you can see you have the Linux realtek adapters you
have the ones for mac and the one for Windows.
so if I scroll down,
I’ll find the set up and I can just
click on the setup .so just try one and
if this doesn’t work you try the other
driver from mediatek .


So I’ll go next. Just wait for it to
install. Once the installation is complete you’re going to get prompted to
restart your PC and you can just restart.

After you restart your PC if you come down here you’re
going to see that you have the wireless capability added
and you can connect to any wireless network that
is near you around you or you’ve created
from your phone .

So that’s it for this video . In this video I’ve just shown you
how you can install the drivers for a Realtek Wi-Fi adapter .

So before I end the video I just want to remove this
adapter so that I can put another one which is a mediatek adapter and you
will see that the drivers don’t work for the Mediatek wireless adapter.

You can see that now we don’t have we don’t have an
adapter. Let me just see what’s going to
happen if I put the media tech adapter

You can see that after you put the
mediatec wireless adpter, it’s not being
recognized by their real tek adapter drivers.

In the next video I want to show you how you can install the same drivers for a
media tech adapter .

In most cases there’s no way for you to
tell whether it’s Media Tek or real
tech, so you can you just try Install both drivers and whichever works
that’s the one that works. okay

So if you have any questions feel very free to let
me know and if you want to see how you
can install and setup the driver to work
with a mediatec card adapter then just
watch the next video and you’re going to
see how to install it for a media tech
adapter so that’s it for this video.

If you have any questions feel very free to
let me know.

2 Mediatek Wifi adapter drivers

Hello and welcome back. In the last video I showed you how to
install drivers for a USB Wi-Fi adapter.
And the driver that we installed was for
a Realtek adapter. In this video let’s
see how to install the same driver for a
mediatek adapter.

There is really no easy way for you to tell when you buy the
adapter. In most cases you’re just going
to find the adapter and maybe a driver
CD and if it doesn’t have a driver CD
you can just download the drivers C using the buttons on this page.

Once you download the drivers it’s the same content that is
here within the CD. I just copied this
content I put it online for you to
download, so if I open this, and in the
last video we used a realtek adapter.

In the real tech adapter I installed
this driver by going inside here and
then clicking on setup and if you
computer is a linux-based then you can use that, if
you use a Macintosh you can use any of these Mac drivers.

In this video we are going to deal with this mediatek adapter so
I’ll just click here, and you can see here we also have the one for Linux and
you can install the one for Linux but in my case I’m using Windows 7 so I’m going
to install the one for Windows 7 .

I’ll just double click on it to start the
installation process . Accept the terms
then go next
you can choose to install with the wireless LAN utility but in this
case let me do it without .
And if we don’t have the wireless utility we can
just use the one that comes with Windows by default .
The one that’s usually down here .So let me just install it without the utility first and if I see that
it’s better to have the utility then I’m going to redo the video and I’m going to
create one with the wireless utility .


So let me just wait for it to install
and then I’ll be back .
So apparently the installation is complete. I’ll
just click on finish and I don’t know whether I’ll have to restart the PC . Let me
see .

Ok you see I don’t have to restart the
PC for the mediatek one, for the RealTek one we had to restart the PC
but in this case I don’t have to.

You can see that your wireless connectivity is
now possible . you can just come in here and connect your computer to each Wireless hotspots
around you .

And it’s just as simple as such; you install the drivers and then
you can connect to nearby wireless hotspots around you.

it’s just that simple.

First of all you buy the adapter, the USB
Wi-Fi adapter, then install the driver .

In most cases you won’t know
whether it’s a mediatek or a real tech
adapter and so just try both of the
drivers . If the first one doesn’t work
for you then you try the second one . And if
the second one or doesn’t doesn’t work
for you then maybe something is wrong
with the adapter .

I hope they are going to work for you on Windows Mac and Linux.

You just plug it in and it will
automatically pick up plug if it is plug and play on your MAc Windows or Linux device.

For Windows 8 it will probably be plug
and play for Windows 10 it will also be
plug and play, however if it isn’t just
come here install the drivers and start using your adapter .

So that’s it for this video . if you have any questions feel very free to let me know.

1. Drivers for the WiFi USB Adapter

Download the Drivers for the Wireless USB Network Adapter / Wifi Adapter here.

Instructions :

Once you download and extract the files, you will see two folders, one is  MTK WlanU and RTL WLANU . These represent Realtek and Mediatek adapter drivers. These are the two companies that manufacture the firmware for these WiFi Adapters.

Just install drivers for both, so that in future if you buy another adapter, it will work on your PC whether it is a Realtek or Mediatek Firmware.

The Folders have drivers for Windows and Mac and Linux.

For Windows :

  1. Open the first folder, which is the MTK WlanU . Go into the Windows folder and run setup.
  2. While running the setup, do not install the utility . Choose the second option. If you install the utility it will be a bit tricky to use. SO do not install it.
  3.  Once the installation is complete, if you see the Windows wireless iCon at the bottom right of your screen then the adapter is a MTK adapter. You can connect to any Wireless network available around you.

If not, continue to install the Realtek Adapters.

  1. Go into the RTL WLANU ,  then into the Windows Folder .
  2. Then Scroll down to find the setup.exe file. It is labeled Setup . Double click on it to begin the installation.
  3. Once you finish the setup installation, restart your PC .
  4. As soon as you restart your PC you will see the Windows Wireless iCon is now visible at the bottom right of your screen.

In brief :

Open any one of the folders (MTK WlanU or RTL WlanU) .

If you run a windows Computer,  Click the Windows folder and run setup.

Just install both drivers, the one for MediaTek and the other for realtek.

If you run linux or Mac choose the other folders (Most Linux , Windows 8.1 + and mac Systems will be plug and play.

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