How to sell domain on Namecheap – Securely sell domain name

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How to sell domain on Namecheap - Securely sell domain name

Visit Namecheap to start selling your domain names.

How to sell your domain on Namecheap – This is how to securely sell your domain name without the risk of being scammed.

Steps to sell your domain name on Namecheap:

  1. Transfer your domain to
  2. After successfully transferring, go to domains list on the Namecheap Dashboard.
  3. Go to Manage the domain.
  4. Scroll all the way down and click on the sell domain button.
  5. Enter a price for your domain and save. You can use the Godaddy appraisal tool to estimate a price for your domain. You’ll find it under Domain Names >> Domain Value Appraisal
  6. Choose a listing period. Preferably 90days.
  7. Then choose whether it is an adult listing.
  8. Finally, click on the Sell domain button.
  9. If you go and search for that domain under the Namecheap domain search area you will see it listed as a premium domain that anyone can buy by simply adding to cart and paying for.

Namecheap takes 10% when the domain sells successfully.

That is how to sell a domain on Namecheap.

If you want to watch the how to sell domain video you can do so.

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How to sell your domain on Namecheap - This is how to securely sell your domain name without the risk of being scammed.

Video Captions For How to sell Domain

In this video let’s talk about how to simply sell your domain on Namecheap. Let’s say that you have a domain registered on Namecheap and you want to sell it. Let’s see how you can do that in this video.

If you have a domain somewhere else and you want to sell it via Namecheap what you can do is you can just come in here under domains and then domain transfer and then transfer the domain into Namecheap. Then after that once it has been transferred to your Namecheap account ; sometimes it takes up to a week for a domain to be transferred. Once it’s transferred, you’ve done everything right : you’ve enabled transfer on the other end and you’ve transferred it to Namecheap you can sell it via

If you want to sell your domain just go to your dashboard and then here under domain list , go to the domain that you want to sell. For instance let’s look at a domain here that is not for sale like this one. Click on manage. On your domains management page, scroll down and then go to sell domain. Here you can sell your domain . You can figure out how much the domain would go for. If I copy that and go to Google and search for Godaddy domain appraisal.

Godaddy Domain Appraisal will give you an idea for how much your domain would go for. I will paste in that and then go for value. There are other tools that you can use as well. They try to give you an estimated price for your domain. For me that’s the price.

I can come back here and put in something close to that; $1200 or even higher than that. Depends on how much you love your domain. If you really don’t want to sell it that much you can put the price higher . And then list period. Usually the longest is 90 days. Is it an adult listing? No this one is not an adult listing.

However if yours is an adult listing, maybe it’s something about porn or adult themes. Then you can select yes. In my case I will select no it is not. Of course I want them to send me an email if this domain is sold successfully. I will click there on sell domain.

After some time if you go to Namecheap and you search, you’ll see that the domain is available as a premium domain and people can purchase it if they want to purchase the Namecheap premium domain.

If you need to edit it you can just click there on edit. Let’s see the things you can edit. You cannot edit the price but you can change whether it’s adult themed or not. just click once again.

If you change your mind and you don’t want to sell it anymore you can just click there and you can click on cancel. You will need to enter your password. Once you confirm, the domain will no longer be available for purchase.If I come here if the domain is now being listed as it is for sale.

Uh-oh that’s a mistake. I need to go to domain search not domain transfer. Go to Domain search and then I will search for the domain. That was a mistake on my part just click there on search. Now if people search for your domain you’ll see that it’s now listed as a premium domain and they can pay the one-time fee to purchase the domain. And then the next year it renews at that price . If you want to buy any domains from Namecheap then you see that this is a safe way for you to buy a domain.

If you want to buy a premium domain this is a very safe way for you to buy a domain because you’ll be dealing with Namecheap and not third-party vendors who who may try to swindle you out of your money. If you want to buy a domain or if you want to sell a domain then you can see this is how you can do it.

If somebody just clicks on add to cart they would be able to buy this domain at that price. Once they buy it at that price it will be transferred to them. That’s pretty much it for this video you’ve seen how you can sell your domain through Namecheap. Just remember that you may need to market this domain outside of Namecheap.

If you want to sell it there are other places where you can market the domain if you really want to sell it. You can go out of your way and try to market it on different forums, different websites. Just deal through Namecheap. That way you won’t get scammed.
That’s it for this video I’ll see you next time.

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