How to Enable iZotope RX plugins on Audacity

Last updated on February 9th, 2022 at 02:45 pm.

Step 1 : Install the iZotope RX Software

Ensure you have installed the RX software you got from iZotope. In my video illustration above, I had already installed RX 8 Elements. If you have not installed Audacity too, download Audacity for free.

Step 2: Enable the RX Plugins on Audacity

Once the RX software is installed, it will install it’s plugins in well known plugin folders. Audacity will scan program files/Steinberg and program files(x 86) /Steinberg on Windows. If it finds any working plugins, it will list them in the tools preference.

What to do If plugins are disabled:

On the Audacity menu, go to Tools > Add or remove plugins.

How to Add iZotope RX plugins on Audacity  - Install RX plugins on Audacity

Click on new to select the new plugins you have just installed and want to add on Audacity.

How to Add iZotope RX plugins on Audacity  - Install RX plugins on Audacity

Next choose the plugins you want to enable, then click on Enable, then click OK.

You can select multiple plugins by holding down the shift Key on your keyboard.

Restart Audacity then go to effects to check if your plugins have been activated.

If you are still apprehensive about the process of enabling RX Plugins on Audacity, watch the Audacity RX Plugins Video embedded above.

Video Captions:

How to Add iZotope RX plugins on Audacity – Install RX plugins on Audacity

Hi and welcome to this video. In this video, let’s  see how you can enable iZotope RX plugins on  Audacity.

If you want to use these plugins on Audacity, let’s see how you can do that . I’ve just installed RX 8 elements and if I go to Audacity and look at effects, I won’t see any of the plugins. If I want to enable the plugins , i will come here under tools and then I’ll go to add or remove plugins . If you’ve just installed rx 5 rx 7 rx 8 or whichever , if you click here on new, you will see the new plugins. And what you can do is, you can just select them.

If I just press ctrl and … Press Shift I mean and then you can select all the elements that you have. However, these are the old ones. These are not the ones I want to use. The ones I want to use are these one’s ; RX 8 plugins. I’ll just click on Shift and select all of them. Once I do that, I’m just going to click on enable. And that’s going to enable all those elements that I need once I click on ok. I will give it time to initialize all the plugins .

Then if I come to effects and scroll down, they should be there but let me first of all close  Audacity. Then I will open it up again and this time round if we come here under effects, and we scroll. Just scroll down you’ll see that our plugins are here. So if you have more RX8 plugins, you can just click on them and enable them the way I’ve shown you.

To use the Rx plugins on Audacity, let’s just record an audio. Hi there this is just a sample… Okay it’s not recording audio. Let me change my microphone . Change the microphone to Samson. I will delete that and then record once again. So as I’m recording let’s just see that and then I’m going to close it.

Let’s come here and the first thing, let’s normalize to try and increase the db and then i will go into effect again and let’s choose RX dialog denoise. You can use this to reduce the white noise in your audio. So if you enable it…

That’s pretty much it. How you can use these plugins. You can make it gentle. Let’s make it gentle, enable and then apply. You can apply and you can see my computer is fast so it happens quickly you won’t even see it happening, but if you have a longer audio it’s going to take a while for the effect. You can also de-click. You can apply. That’s pretty much it for this video. How you can add RX plugins on Audacity.

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