How to access Namecheap CPanel – 3 Ways

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How to access Namecheap CPanel - Log in Namecheap CPanel

Namecheap provides very affordable shared hosting. Check out the Namecheap shared hosting plans here.

All their shared web hosting plans come with CPanel to help you manage your account.

Uses of CPanel

You can use cPanel to manage your web hosting. You can do the following with CPanel.

  • Install new applications in your domain or subdomain. You can install WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc.
  • Use the File Manager to upload, update,delete,zip up or download files on your website.
  • Setup File transfer accounts via FTP.
  • Manage domains and subdomains, that is, adding or removing domains and subdomains in your account.
  • Managing databases ; creating, deleting or editing databases.
  • Changing server software versions such as PHP.
  • Managing email; creating, editing or removing email accounts for domains in your cPanel.
  • Editing security features .
  • Setting up DNS records for your domains.

These are just some CPanel functions you may encounter as you host your website with Namecheap or any other hosting provider.

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How To Access Namecheap CPanel

To manage your website you need to log into Namecheap CPanel.

The following are ways to log into the cPanel.

If your domain hosted on Namecheap is called, you can log in using the following link .

Using domain/cpanel will take you to the cPanel login page. 

Your login details were sent to you when you purchased the Namecheap shared hosting. Check your web hosting welcome email for the login credentials. You can always reset your password once you retrieve your cPanel username.

  1. Log in via domain and port

You may also access your cPanel by going to domain:port.

For instance if your domain is, you may access your cPanel by going to:

The default CPanel SSL port is 2083.

Direct cPanel access via the Namecheap dashboard

Log into your Namecheap dashboard. Visit the Namecheap website and click on log in.

Once you log in to the dashboard, go to hosting lists.

On the right hand side, click and go to cPanel.

This will auto-log you into the Namecheap CPanel.

That’s how to access your Namecheap CPanel and manage your shared web hosting.

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Video Captions for this Namecheap Cpanel Login video

Hi there and welcome to this video. In this video I’m going to show you how you can access your Namecheap cPanel. If you have shared hosting from Namecheap, you can access your cPanel.

There are different ways and I’m going to show you all the ways in which you can access your Namecheap CPanel .

Namecheap provides very affordable shared hosting as you can see here . If you don’t already have a shared hosting plan with Namecheap you can find a link in the description below and it will give you the offers which are here on the screen.

To access your Namecheap cpanel, if you do remember your domain, you can just go to your domain/cpanel . For instance I do have a sample hosting with Namecheap for a domain called

If I go to, that is going to take me to the name cheap login for cpanel. If you do remember, you got a welcome email and in the welcome email you’re going to get… you’ll get your username and your password. But if you don’t remember your password you can just get the username and then you can reset your password from there.

Just use your username. This is not your Namecheap username. This is the Cpanel username and you can find this in the welcome email that you got when you bought the hosting.

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Now the other way for accessing the cPanel. You can access it using the port 2083. If I go to, that should redirect me to the cPanel login as well.

Go to your welcome email and you will get all your login credentials there. If you don’t remember the password you can just reset it but at least make sure you remember the cPanel username because it is not the same as your Namechip username.

Now the final way . If you don’t remember the domain that you used to log in then you can just log in directly to your cpanel using your Name Cheap dashboard.

Log into your Namecheap account.

And once you log into your account, just come here under hosting list. And under hosting list you’re going to find all the hosting plans that you subscribed to. You’ll find them listed right here. Once you get here you can go to the cPanel. And if you open in a new tab it’s going to take you directly to the cPanel. There you go. You’ve logged into your Control panel . You can do whatever maintenance you want to do on your website.

Also if you come here under manage. Under manage, you can also click there to go to the cpanel.

Those are the different ways in which you can go to your cPanel. Alright, that’s it for this video. if you have any question feel free to let me know.

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