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When you make your decision to get your  business a website, it is easy to assume that the website will certainly rank well on search engines. It is especially so when unscrupulous web designers are able to convince you how easily they will get you more customers, only to realize later that your web presence is not as immense as you thought it would be.


In this post I am going to share with you some basic principles and ideas that will help you to get your website to reach more people. Assuming that you are a small business without the capital to hire someone else to handle your online presence, most of the tasks will have to be accomplished by you. I am assuming that you have a website.


First of all you will need to be in touch with your web designer, because some of the processes might be technical for you to accomplish. That is especially true if you have to work with the website code. Just a point to note, in this day and age it is advisable for you to get yourself a cms (Content Management System) website.


With a well developed CMS Website you are able to update your content without involving the web developer. Getting a good CMS website  is not difficult since there are good web developers  who can design and develop a Content Management System for you. Be ready to pay slightly higher, but it is totally worth it if you are able to change your content without having to call your web designer.The convenience is priceless at a slightly higher cost.


The following are ways to get your website to Rank well on the internet generally:

Optimize web titles for each page

The title tag in  HTML can be thought of as the one line someone reads and gets the whole idea behind that particular web page. Think of a newspaper title, tells you some tit bit about that section of the newspaper (Don’t worry if you do not understand these, you don’t have to understand them, your designer should. Call him right now and have him read this article with you or send him a link or book an appointment for your website editing date).

Let the web title tell people what your business is about, do not misuse the title tag.


The title tag is located at the header of the html head tags.


<DOCTYPE html>



<title>Best SEO Services Bizanosa Web Developers</title>



The above is an example of a well utilized title tag, describing a page that deals with SEO Services .


The title below used to describe a betting web page in UK is a waste of the title tag,


<DOCTYPE html>



<title>Manchester United, footballer, Best players</title>



Write quality well targeted Content

Write content that has keywords that are relevant to your business. Do your keyword research thoroughly. It is important to know what keywords you want to use on your website. That is why keyword research is important. The most important keywords that direct visitors to your website (hoping that it appears among the Search Engine Results Pages(SERPS)). That previous sentence felt like a loop, with the bracket within a bracket.


Most SEOs will tell you a lot of things, but at the end of the day your web content is the most important aspect of your Search Engine Optimization.

To rank higher, you must aim higher in Content writing. Writing quality content is one of the top ways to improve your website rank among other websites on Google and other Search Engines.


Check the content on your web page and see whether they need rewriting. Your web Content should make search engines engines pleased to index them. Anything else will make your website rank lower. Avoid writing haphazard content that will clearly appear to be unplanned.


Pleasing search engines is good, but remember your website is intended for people so do not forget human reading skills. You must keep in mind the psychology of a human being in reading, especially reading on the internet.


Facts about human reading when they come to your blog or website:

1. People don’t read from left to right as they do on paper unless they have decided to read everything before them(mostly on a blog post)

2. People skip words, up down left right, simply skimming through but not reading entirely.

3.People are mostly interested in what they can see immediately they arrive on your web page. They hardly ever pay too much attention to what is below the screen . They only scroll if they have to. If they are not pleased with the initial appearance or message, they will leave. Put the most important part of your web page first.

4.Web visitors want factual information, they don’t want to be sold to. If they click on a search result, it is because they are looking for something specific and were impressed by something about your web description. That is why they skim through and if they don’t find a hint of what they were looking for, they will leave your website.

5. Images that look good but don’t add value to your web page are frowned upon. An image of a real person or your products or your people during service delivery tend to attract more valuable attention as compared to other images which have no place on the web page.

6.Web visitors do not like popups, especially when they cant exit the popup or they have to wait for it to load fully before they exit it. That is a recipe for a high bounce rate on your web page.


Embrace a left align approach in content writing. Align content left. When in doubt align left.

Tell people exactly what you do, where you are located and how to reach you. Some information are not harmful but do not add them before you place the most important information in accessible and visible areas of your website.

Do not duplicate content

Duplicating content from one website to your own website will not do you any good. It is the same search engines that index all websites and for integrity purposes of the search engines duplicate content is not encouraged.  Websites with duplicate contents are penalised by search engines. Google as a search engine is at the top of the list for penalising culprit websites/ web pages. No matter how tempting it might be to copy content from one website and paste it on your website, DON”T.


Duplicate content can exist on your own website pages as well.Having similar pages on your website makes your website ranking to go down. When the search engines get confused by your pages and content, you should know that is not good for your website.


Structure your website Content with H tags (H1 , H2….) and bold Tag

Structuring your website content is not only good for search engines but also helps your website visitors to skim easily through your content. Remember  web visitors won’t read until after they skim through the web page and see that it is worth spending some more time on.



Add a blog to your business website

A blog will help you drive visitors to your website. Keep updating your blog and your website will grow immensely, and will be receive positive reception from search engines. A blog is one platform for UGC (User Generated Content) on your website.


When users comment on your blog posts, depending on your blog’s structure and meta tags your blog will appear to be updated regularly. A blog is also a good way to create a following. Give people useful information, and give it to them regularly and you will have regular visitors to your website blog.


If your website has no blog in this digital driven business era, then you need to upgrade your website as soon as yesterday. A blog is a necessity and it will be a good platform to enable you interact with your clients and prospects. If you already have a website, please do not add your website on blogger, or or any other free blogging platforms. Speak to a web developer and have them implement a blog to your website. A full web redesign may be needed in some cases, however if you are sure all you need is a blog without the full website being redone, then let the web developer know.


For consultations and such services please feel free to contact us we’ll be happy to assist and direct you as may be necessary.

Point is, you must add a blog to your website. Once that is done, ensure you post new stuff on your blog. And remember copying content from other sources is not only illegal but will also get your website in trouble with search engines.


Add Add-this Sharing on your website

Social media has most definitely changed the way we do marketing. With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, YouTube and other  social networks, it has become very important for you to be everywhere. How do you get to be everywhere? You share your content on social media. There are lots of services that enable you to implement social share on your website. Be sure to search them online if you are looking for other options to try. I am going to talk about add-this service.


AddThis is the most widely used and is also very straight forward to implement. AddThis enables you to link your social Media pages on your website and also add social share buttons to your website. You have probably seen the social buttons floating on a website, to the left or right of a web page, chances are that the implementation of the social buttons is through add-this. There is a pro version and a free version. Most of the things in the pro version are more relevant to a web master than they are to you. The free version will suffice.


With the AddThis free version you can link your social media accounts to your website, add social share buttons and add a recommended content section which automatically pulls other pages and displays them as recommended to your guests(on the web of course)


How to implement addThis

1.visit click on ‘Sign in’ , if you do not already have an account click on it too. In the next window that appears you will have an opportunity to create an account.

2.Click on the Get code button  at the top right of the page. If you want to customise everything click on the button, ignore the drop down items

3.Scroll down to where it says options and choose your platform as website.

4 If the ‘Follow’ button is off Click to turn it On. The on button will be blue.Click on ‘Follow’ If you want the follow buttons , which will direct people to your facebook or twitter or LinkedIn page or any other social media you have signed up for.

5. Add the links to your social media as follows:

Facebook link is  , then put bizanosa into the textbox


Do the same for any other social media you want to include.

At any point should you need assistance just click on the question mark located next to the text box and a help text shall appear.

6. If share is Off click on the off label to turn it ON.

7. Turn on any other features you may need such as; “Recommended content”, “What’s Next”, et cetera.

8. Click on the big blue button below the ‘options’ section to generate the code. It is this code which you will paste on your website to enable the buttons appear on your website.

9.Click ‘Grab it’ to copy..

10. Paste the code  anywhere in your page.Paste the code on every page you want the addThis buttons to appear

That’s it!



Build quality links to your website

Finally start building links to your website. You can speak to other website owners to link back to you. Also start adding you website to directories. Creating profiles on social media and add your website link. Share your content and ask others to link back to your content


If you read through the entire post you will realize there is nothing new here, it is just emphasis and recycling the same old useful information. If you have any comments you want to recycle, please feel free to do so below. Looking forward to your feedback.


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