5. Getting a new Domain Name

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5 How to buy a domain Name

A domain name

A domain name is how people will be able to reach your website. Buying a new domain is pretty easy. To get a new domain name. It has to be registered by an accredited Domains registrar. Once you are on the registrar’s website, you will search for the domain name you want.

A domain name must be unique. That means that if someone has already registered the domain you want, you will have to register a new one. Or buy it from them.

Domain registrars

For you to buy a domain name, you will need to first search for it on a Domain Registrar’s Website.

If you want a local domain extension for your country. You may need to buy it from a Web Hosting company in your own country. It will be cheaper so. And it will be easier for you so.

If you want to get more widespread common extensions such as .com , .net, .org etc . You can buy them from any registrar in the world. There are many places to buy domains. Some are resellers of other companies.

I have used the following companies and therefore suggest that you buy your domain from any one of them.

Godaddy  (The World’s Largest single Domain Registrar)

NameCheap  ( Affordable Domains and hosting as well)

BlueHost  (Usually slightly more expensive domains, but has reliable Web Hosting)

The above Video walks you through the step by step process of buying a domain on Namecheap.com

Domain name best practices

  1. Choose a brand-able domain name

Choose a name that will not restrict you to a certain area. You’ve probably heard of pivoting. That is, when the original idea is not working. But there is another path that has shown even better results .And you will just need  a little bit of focus in a different direction to pursue the new path.

Make sure your domain is not restricting you (eg , bad : onlypinksuitsforwomen.domain  , better : classysuits.domain )

  1. Don’t make it too long

This is self explanatory. Choose a domain name that is not too long.

  1. Use letters only , no symbols and avoid numbers as much as possible

Make it easy to type in. Some people will be accessing your domain directly. Make it easy to type into the browser. Avoid special characters and numbers. Numbers can be useful in certain cases, especially if they are numbers that are well known, eg 101 , country codes etc.

  1. Don’t misspell things to look cool

Don’t confuse people. Don’t mix up different letters eg in place of letter i using letter  y . Or in place of letter o use number zero ( 0 ) . Avoid any confusing words and letters.

  1. Easy to remember

This can be tough. But try to be creative. Think of it this way ,if you are in a hurry and you have to tell someone your domain name over the phone, how will that go for them?

  1. Think about SEO competition

If your name is also Hugh Jackman . Assuming you can get the domain Hugh Jackman . Or may be you want to beat the system and decide to get one of those uncommon TLD (Top level Domains). A TLD such as .photographer or something else. If someone searches for Hugh Jackman the photographer, they are going to find pictures, movies,news and social media accounts for Hugh JackMan and you probably won’t be anywhere on the first page of Google .

So it is better to get creative and may be go for Jackthepixelman.TLD  . Be creative and see who you will be competing with for rank on Search Engines.

Domain and hosting from the same place or?

If you already have a domain you’d like to use, you may want to link your domain and your new Web Host. If this is true for you then, just wait. Because in the next couple of posts we are going to link a domain from NameCheap with Web Hosting on Bluehost.

Let’s continue with our Video Blog series in the next post.

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