Get in touch

Last updated on March 9th, 2018 at 11:38 am

Use the method that best describes your needs:


1. If you have questions about any of my Udemy Courses, Login and use the Q&A section or Private inbox on Udemy .

2. If you have any Question about a Skillshare class, Login and use the Discussion section of Skillshare .

3. If you need help with any of the courses or Youtube tutorials, use the Bizanosa Facebook Group here.

4. If you have any other question  use  Facebook – Send your message here  .


Please note that I hardly ever reply to my email, so, if you need to contact me consider using Facebook, Bizanosa Comments section on any post or YouTube Comments section.


If you have to contact me via email, use :  rwahowa[AT]gmail[DOT]com  , even though 99% of the time , I will not reply.

Always use Facebook or  Udemy or any of the options linked above.


Due to increased amount of spamming from Marketers, I have removed my contact form.


~Ricky Wahowa