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FastVPN is an affordable VPN from Namecheap. If you are searching for it on Google you may search for Fastvpn or namecheap VPN.

Watch the video above or read the post below to learn how to use Namecheap VPN.

FastVPN Pricing

FastVPN is one of the most affordable VPNs available.

The namecheap VPN plan has a monthly plan and a yearly plan.

FastVPN Yearly plan

First year : $12

Renews at $34.56 for the next year.

FastVPN Monthly plan

First month : Free

Monthly renewal : $5.88/month

Namecheap VPN - FastVPN Pricing

Looking at the above pricing it is advisable to take the Yearly plan since it provides the most cost savings.

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How to download and Install FastVPN

STEP1 : First create a namecheap account.

Go to the Namecheap website. At the top left of the page click on Sign up. Enter all your details as needed. 

Your namecheap username and password will be used for logging into the Namecheap VPN app.

STEP 2 : Choose Free Trial or any VPN plan

Choose a plan. Enter your mode of payment. 

Subscribe and you will be directed to the download page. Fast VPN supports : Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. Choose the app for your platform and download it.

FastVPN Download and install

Once you download it , for instance on Windows, double click on it to install it.

Once it is successfully installed, Click finish. 

Namecheap VPN Install

STEP 3 : Log in after installation

After installing the Namecheap VPN on Windows, the next step is to log in. Use your namecheap username and password to log into the VPN app. By now, you should have created a Namecheap account

Click sign in and log in with your account info.

Namecheap FastVPN setup

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How to Connect Namecheap VPN

After successfully logging in, you will see all your available server locations as shown in the screenshot below.

How to Connect Namecheap VPN

Before connecting on Windows, you need to change to OpenVPN protocol.

Change to OpenVPN protocol

FastVPN may not connect on the first install. You will need to switch to OpenVPN for it to connect. 

Enabling OpenVPN:

Click on protocol.

Then choose OpenVPN . Use TCP. 

You may get a prompt to install the TAP driver. Go ahead and install it. You can also reinstall the tap driver by clicking on the link that says ;  Install/ reinstall TAP Driver . See the screenshot below.

Change to OpenVPN if FastVPN is not connecting

You can change to dark mode under settings. Click on setting and click on the dark-mode preview.

Connect to a FastVPN Location

Once you enable openVPN, go back to locations.

Choose any location. Click on it and you will be connected to it. Give it a little time to connect.

You may also let the VPN choose a location for you by clicking on  Best Available.

VPN connected successfully

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More Settings for the Fast VPN app

Click on settings. There are more options as shown in the screenshot below.

Fast VPN settings

Kill Switch: When this is enabled, if FastVPN is not connected, then your internet will also be disconnected. This is important if you don’t want your IP to leak in case the VPN disconnects momentarily.

Startup : Startup the VPN app when your computer starts up.

Autoconnect:  The app automatically connects to the last location when the VPN starts up.

Theme appearance : Switch to dark mode or light mode.

SIgn Out : SIgn out of the FastVPN network. 

Quit: Exit the app.

Get FastVPN here >> 

Video Captions for This FastVPN Tutorial on YouTube

Hi and welcome to this video. In this video I want to do a Fast VPN tutorial. That is the Namecheap VPN tutorial . The link for this FastVPN is in the description.

Fastvpn is one of the most affordable vpns that you can use. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on those other expensive VPNs, you can use the Namecheap VPN which is called FastVPN.

The first thing you have to do is, go to Namecheap to create an account. Somewhere here you’ll be able to create your Namecheap account. Create an account if you don’t already have one.

I’m already logged into my Namecheap account. And that’s important because the account details are the ones you’re going to use to log into Fast vpn. Just come down here and you can see the pricing. It’s one of the most affordable VPNs available.

If you go with a monthly plan you can get it for free for a month. I’m going to go with a yearly plan because I’ve used it before and it does the job.

I’m just going to come here under get one year plan. I’m already logged into my account so I can just choose a payment method. And I’m going to choose PayPal. It’s going to log into my PayPal account. Then agree and continue.

Once you make your payment. It’s going to automatically bring you this and you can use it on Windows, Android . You can also use it on Linux and I have a video for how to set up a VPN on Linux. That’s the same video that you’d use to set up FastVPN on Ubuntu.

Let me download mine for windows and I’m going to click there on windows. Download complete. Now i can just open it to install it.

Install. Finish.

And now for the login details I’m going to need to log in using my Namecheap details. I can just click there on sign in and I will need to sign in with my Namecheap details; your Namecheap username and password. That’s what you use here. You will be logged in and you can just click on I understand.

That is the Namecheap VPN. What is my IP? You can see it says that my IP is that. And I’m in Kenya right now. You can also go to this website and it’s going to show you your IP plus your location.

If I come back I can just connect to any of these VPNs. Let’s say I connect to Chicago. It’s okay . For the first time it’s probably going to fail. Yes it’s going to fail and the reason it’s failing is because the VPN doesn’t work with this protocol on Windows.

If I come here under protocol I can use the OpenVPN protocol. And then I want it scrambled as well. And now if i reconnect it’s going to connect.

Just looking at the settings here. Here under settings you can add a kill switch. If this is turned off then your internet connection will also be turned off. I found that this really affects my internet connection so if it is not really crucial for your IP to be visible then you can just leave this turned off like now it is turned off.

You can auto connect and of course you want it to start up with your Windows. You can also change the interface to dark mode. That’s all the important things here under settings.

If you come back under location you can use any of these locations. You can see the multiple different server locations that you can connect to.

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If you come back here and we refresh. You’re going to see that our IP address is different and our location is Chicago. You can see Chicago Illinois US.

That’s how to connect and use the VPN on Windows . If you want to see how you can use this internet and also connect VPN and create a wi-fi hotspot on windows, watch the next video. That’s it for this video,

If you want to use Fastvpn, the link is in the description. I will see you in the next video.

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