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Last updated on October 30th, 2020 at 04:27 pm.

From afar everything seems easier. That is why every time you are watching the game you shout at the players. From afar everything seems easier. Don’t ever forget this line because one day you will get into business and you will feel like quitting because things will not have worked out as fast as you expected. When you are watching the game things are different. When you are on the field things are different.

Should you never quit? Should you keep fighting however hard it gets? Should you keep going back to the prospects that turn you down every time? Should you walk tall even when everybody else keeps telling you, you will fail miserable? Should you continue living the frugal life for the better of the business sacrifices you have and are making? Don’t quit. Don’t . Be smart though and ask yourself whether it is time to make a change. Don’t quit. Ask yourself what you need to change and take a bold step into changing it. If change is not necessary then persevere. Be smart, know how far long you have gone and how far long you can go. If you see hope, don’t quit. If you doubt be wise.

If only we could remember the number of times we fell when we were learning to walk. Those times you never were a quitter. Why start now? You fell. You cried but you got up and fell again. But you never quit. It is that hope that we lose through the years, but if you are lucky you regain it in the right moment in your life. The world in between you never quitting on walking and you needing to regain that faith and hope has put you down. When you went to school they probably emphasized on what you couldn’t do. When you went to the field they probably concentrated on the sports and the positions you couldn’t play. The world did all it could to take that faith from you but no matter how bad it was, you must regain the faith and hope. Don’t ever quit and don’t let opportunities pass you by. Make mistakes and learn.

In life you are mightier with experience. That is why we all flock to hear the stories of Microsoft, Apple, John Paul Mitchell Systems and so much more. It is because they persevered the hard times that they were able to change the world. It is because they persevered the hard times that you want to listen to their stories and learn from them. The fundamental path of an entrepreneur has never changed. Man up, give it a go. And if you are lucky you will not have those big bumps. On the other hand you might have the big bumps. You might hit the valleys and the hills. But, never quit. Change strategy, but never quit.

Learn from the past. Learn from those who have been through it all. Have the right mind. Have the right people around you. Do not be deviated by the short term goals. And don’t ever kill yourself because that makes you a bigger quitter. Be more resilient. And be more persistent.  Look at a child learning to walk and let that motivate you.

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