How can an eCommerce developer use digital marketing to improve conversion rates?

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 03:33 pm.

How can an eCommerce developer use digital marketing to improve conversion rates?
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An eCommerce developer is a software engineer or developer who’s familiar with tools like Javascript, Typescript and Python. Nowadays, many developers only have to be familiar with WordPress or Shopify to start an eCommerce platform. That’s great since there’s less barriers to entry. But how can an eCommerce developer make himself stand apart in a competitive industry? (Hint: Learn social media marketing or any form of marketing to help your clients increase conversions!)

Learn to implement digital marketing to your eCommerce website design

Many eCommerce developers only look at the functionalities and features that they need to add. Be it the checkout and payment option or add to cart feature. eCommerce developers rarely think in the shoes of the business owner or marketer and rarely take initiative to optimise the eCommerce website design for conversions. This is a problem since it leaves money on the table.

As an eCommerce developer, you can start by learning digital marketing. Social media marketing is really easy to learn and you already have a huge advantage if you use Facebook or Instagram daily.  Maybe attend a course or watch a couple of Youtube videos. There are a ton of resources online and some amazing blog posts. One feature that’s incredibly useful is the abandoned cart feature. It asks for a potential customer’s email address and automatically sends an email with a coupon code if the user leaves the website without making a purchase.

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On average, eCommerce stores selling less than $100 worth of items tend to have a 20% increase in sales just by adding this simple feature! While you can’t add it in Shopify, you can easily add this through a plugin on WooCommerce and WordPress.

Add your client’s social media accounts on the eCommerce platform

Many entrepreneurs aren’t tech savvy and don’t know what you can or can’t do on a website design. If your client has a large Tiktok or Instagram following, take the initiative and connect the accounts to the eCommerce platform. Show all their Instagram posts in a neat carousel on their homepage and present the eCommerce website design to your client. I’ll guarantee you that they’ll appreciate the effort and so will their social media marketing team. There are Instagram APIs for this too so all it takes is a simple shortcode to do so.

And moreover, this will help boost engagement on the eCommerce platform and conversions since customers are now rest assured that they are shopping and buying from a reputable and trustworthy company! People tend to feel that they’re in good hands when they can see photos and videos of people actually working in the company.

Make the website responsive

Anyone familiar with SEO knows that responsive websites tend to rank better. This means that you should always aim to make your website responsive to mobile devices, even if you do have a redirect set up to a mobile app installation page or if your client has a mobile app for mobile users. In WordPress, this may mean selecting a responsive WordPress theme and may take a bit more effort.

But the benefit of being ranked high on Google is something that a lot of businesses need to increase their sales and is a good way to help your client to stand out from competitors. 

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