8 Ways You Can Connect With Customers Using Video

Last updated on February 6th, 2023 at 01:51 pm.

Ways You Can Connect With Customers Using Video

Have you ever used B2B explainer videos? Videos have taken digital marketing by storm. Thousands are produced daily thanks to technological advancements. User-friendly apps, as well as tutorials, have simplified the whole process. The video-production field is experiencing rapid growth. The result? Specialists, especially animators, are in high demand.

What makes videos a crucial tool in business? They are excellent for storytelling, something most people enjoy. They are also short and concise hence preferred to reading. The visual images are easily remembered for a long time.

However, having a tool is one thing, and using it effectively is another. Your videos have to be fun and engaging while you pass on information. Otherwise, interest will be lost as soon as someone hits the play button. Prospective clients won’t buy from you just because you’ve uploaded a video. A connection has to be established. Once they trust you, it will be easy for them to order your commodities. The impact will be seen on the sales sheet. That is the secret of successful businesses that have capitalized on the use of videos in marketing.

To help you have the right footing, we have complied 8 practical ways that have proved helpful in the production of engaging videos.

Tell stories

Get creative and entertain the audience with a story about your products. Even the individual who was searching for a different item will be hooked. Curiosity will make him watch the video to completion. I mean, who doesn’t like to know how a story ends?

To be effective, have a thorough knowledge of the target population. That way, your choice of words will reach customers’ hearts. From the beginning, capture their attention with a fun tune and thought-provoking questions. This will arouse their interest. The video will serve its purpose if the consumers can relate to the depicted situation. With more efforts in creativity, your internet leads will shoot up tremendously.

Have promotions

Who doesn’t love free things? Whether it’s a free cap or t-shirt, inform customers of your offers and watch the orders increase. Such loyalty programs help in retaining long-term clients as well as enticing new ones. They could even share the information with others, and the chain gets longer.

The promos are better if they run for a short time. More people will take advantage of these limited periods to shop as much as possible. They are keen on saving. What will this mean for you? Increase in sales.

Worried about old stock? Release a video advertising a huge sale. Within a short time, people will flock to your store. Then, there will be plenty of space for the new.

Give a detailed description

Whether you have been in business for a while or just started, people want to know more about your items. They may have inquiries about the cost, materials used, and how their goods will reach them if purchased online for your sales to improve, including a scene that demonstrates how the products are used. For example, if you are advertising coffee makers, show how they are set up. Make sure to include any necessary precautions.

Calls- to- action

“Place your orders now!” Does this statement sound familiar? When you heard it, weren’t you compelled to order the product? After the video has turned out to be such a thrill, tell your viewers what they are supposed to do. Should they book your services, like your page, share the video or write a comment? Such statements help your clients feel engaged with your business. When you post that you have reached peak sales, won’t they be happy that they were part of the process? That will keep them stuck to your brand.

Provide brief lessons

Suppose you own a cheese shop. Since you want to popularize your business, how will videos help you create a connection with your customers? Share cheese recipes with your viewers. Take that a notch higher by having cooking lessons that range from simple snacks to elaborate meals. Children will also find the activity enjoyable. The eye is a powerful tool. The tantalizing meals they see will make them order the cheese.

Incorporate games

Break the monotony of blog posts by frequently playing games on your social media pages. They are not only entertaining but encourage interaction between you and your customers. Competitions could include trivia and challenges. For example, if you manufacture spices, you could ask customers to upload videos of them using your product. The best cook is awarded.

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Inform viewers of the industry’s news

To prove your professionalism, update your clients on the emerging trends and issues in your work line. Is there a heated discussion about a particular practice? Share your views. Are there critical historical dates? Let them know. Clients will notice your holistic approach. This will convince them of your competence in the job. If they require products or services, they know who to contact.

Share behind-the-scenes

When customers are given a sneak peek of what happens off-camera, they’ll feel more connected to your brand. And often, these scenes are the most hilarious. From jumbled words to laughter from the cast, consumers are given an exclusive tour of the backstage. This helps them appreciate your efforts in providing quality products, as in the film industry.

The bottom line

Hop on to the business success train with videos as your ticket. This form of marketing is here to stay. It is easy, reliable, and convenient. You will not only get popular but also have more website traffic. As scripting and design are underway, ensure the video will be as engaging as possible.

Use appropriate gestures and facial expressions in your descriptions, tell the customers all they need to know about the products and demonstrate a few DIYs. To add to the fun, invite them to play along with others online. Try these suggestions on your next video and observe how your business will change for the better.

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