How To Connect Third Party Domain To Shopify – Use Cloudflare

Last updated on May 7th, 2021 at 03:30 pm.

In this post you will learn how to connect your third party domain to Shopify. You will connect your domain to Shopify using Cloudflare. Whether your domain is from Namecheap, Bluehost , Godaddy , etc , this post is vendor agnostic. The only common factor here will be Cloudflare (CF).

Watch the video below for a full step by step illustration.

Or read the post below, for a short step by step guide on how to connect a third party domain to Shopify using Cloudflare.

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The steps for connecting your external domain:

These are the quick steps for connecting your domain. We’ll talk more about each step in future.

  1. First create a free Cloudflare (CF) account if you don’t have one. CF is a reliable platfrom that provides various web services. Using the cloudflare DNS service is free. With Shopify we’ll only use the DNS part of Cloudflare.
  2. Secondly, connect your domain on cloudflare by changing your Name-servers to point to the Cloudflare nameservers. CF will give you new nameservers. Take them and add them wherver you bought your domain from.
  3. Log into your Shopify store and add your domain . Choose to add an external domain . Add the same domain you added on CF. Shopify will provide you with various DNS records. To get the DNS records, click the Verify Connection button. You’ll get a CNAME record for WWW and an A record that points to an IP address. Add these to CF.
  4. Take the records you have been given and add them on Coudflare. On Cloudflare, under the DNS tab, add the records you got from Shopify. Give time for propagation.
  5. Next go back to Shopify and confirm to add/connect the domain even if it has not fully been propagated and identified by Shopify correctly. The confirmation takes some time.
  6. Once the domain has fully been confirmed and connected on Shopify, feel free to make it the primary domain for your online store

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