Camtasia Audio Editing Tutorial for beginners

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Complete Camtasia Audio Editing Tutorial

Complete Camtasia Audio Editing Tutorial for beginners.

Watch the video above if you want to learn how to professionally edit your Camtasia Audio.

If you have watched any Camtasia Video Editing Tutorial, you may have found that you still don’t know how to make your Audio amazing.

This is a #Camtasia #Audio #Editing #Tutorial with a bit of Camtasia Video editing tutorial mixed in.

How do I fix Audio in Camtasia?

How to fix Audio in camtasia. If you want to fix audio, watch this video. Learn to export your Audio from camtsia and then edit it on Audacity and bring it back to camtsia.

This video will show you how to fix your audio quality.

You will learn how to raise the overall volume, speed it up , slow it down, remove background noise and then export it back into your camtasia Studio.

How do I change my voice in Camtasia?

You can edit your Audio outside of studio. When you take your audio to audacity, you will find it easier to change your voice in camtasa. To change your voice you can use change tempo or speed effects in audacity software. Audacity is free and has a lot of options for you in audio editing.

What does audio compression do in Camtasia?

Audio compression involves, lowering the high parts of your audio to match the low volume parts and then amplify the entire audio to raise its volume.

Audio compression in Camtasia. To compress your audio it is best to use a different Software, that is why in this video I used Audacity to compress my audio.

Here is a detailed post about using the Audacity compressor .

How can I edit audio and video?

To edit a video using Techsmith Camtasia watch this free video :

To edit your audio, you will need to separate it from the video file from the timeline, as shown in the video.

Once you export the audio you can edit it using any powerful audio editing software. In this video I used Audacity which is a free audio editing software for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.

Watch this video if you want to improve the quality of your recorded audio. By the end of this video you will know exactly how to make videos with good quality audio.

To edit Audio, export then edit the sound in audacity. As for video you will edit it in Camtasia. When your audio is finalized and processed you will import it back into Camtasia and edit it along with your audio.

This way your audio and video will be in sync and you will not have to deal with audio sync related problems when finally camtasia exports your project.

Watch the video above if you want to learn how to professionally edit your Camtasia Audio.

Camtasia 2019 audio leveling

The audio leveling is used to try to match your sound by raising all the wave-forms in your sound. The volume leveling effect will raise the volume of your entire audio based on the settings you choose.

Camtasia 2020 audio leveling

The volume leveling in 2020 is the same as for version 2019. It works similarly.

Camtasia audio effects,

The audio effects in your studio do not match the quality of audio you will get by using third party audio editing applications such as Audacity Audio editor . The only effect I usually use in the audio effects panel is Volume leveling. The other effects available are : Noise removal, Fade In and fade out . We also have the clip speed which you should never use because it will affect the pitch of your voice when your slow down or speed up your voice.

Camtasia audio settings,

The audio settings / audio effects as have mentioned above are :

Noise Removal – Used to reduce the background noise in your voice recording. Noise removal effect is for removing or reducing white noise in your Audio.

Camtasia audio download

To download the audio. You will go to Share , then click on export Audio Only.

Once you process it you can bring it back. Right click on your media in the timeline then click on , separate Audio and video. Then delete the audio from your timeline. Then drag in the new audio you have edited. Align it with your video on the timeline and then proceed to editing.

Camtasia audio recording

During recording you can choose to record audio by going to your recording settings. Once the recording window shows up, you can choose the microphone to use, whether to record system sounds and so on. This is also where you choose whether to record your webcam .

Camtasia normalize audio

Normalize audio is the same as volume leveling effect. You can choose how much you want to normalize or level up the volume. As for this option it is best to use Audacity to normalize audio. I showed you exactly how to go about editing your audio to make it much better.

Camtasia improve audio quality

This Camtasia Audio Editing Tutorial for beginners will show you how to improve audio quality by using Audacity.

Camtasia audio compression

You will also learn to quickly compress your audio without affecting the quality.

Ensure you Watch the video above if you want to learn how to professionally edit your Camtasia Audio.

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