Audacity Audio Editing Tutorial Skillshare

Last updated on February 6th, 2023 at 01:52 pm.

Audacity Audio Editing Project Tutorial Skillshare
This is a project based Audacity tutorial. This audio editing tutorial is available on Skillshare.

The following will be covered in this tutorial:

  1. Intro to audacity project : What is this Audacity Tutorial about? This video covers the intro for this class.
  2. Record Audio For Audacity Project : Begin by recording a sample audio. this is the audio we’ll edit and perfect. You may follow along with your own audio. Just drag in your audio and start editing it as you watch the videos.
  3. Audacity Tutorial Project : Here we’ll do a quick project in order to get acclimated with the audacity software.
  4. Auto Ducking In Audacity : What is auto-ducking? Find out what it is and how to do it in Audacity.
  5. Create An Audiobook In Audacity : How hard can it be to create an Audiobook? Find out how to use Audacity to create an audio-book.
  6. Joining Audio Clips In Audacity : Simple task, but have ever tried to combine audio clips before?
  7. Audacity Audio Compressor : What is compression and how does it help your audio? Find out how to use the Audacity compressor.

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