8 How to Assign a New Domain to Bluehost [Video]

Last updated on October 31st, 2020 at 09:13 am.

Here is the scenario.

You have a domain on Namecheap . And you have a hosting account on Bluehost. And your hosting package allows you to have multiple websites.

And you want your domain on Namecheap to be hosted on Bluehost .

The above video will show you how to assign your domain to your Bluehost account.

It is very important that you have added your Nameservers . In the last post I showed you how to add your Nameservers to your Domain .

Once you have added your Nameservers on Namecheap, assigning a new domain to Bluehost is a very easy process.

After assigning your domain to your account. You can use it in various ways. This depends on your Bluehost package.

After assigning the domain you may :

  • Build another website in it
  • Redirect it to another one of your sites
  • Just park the domain and plan for it’s future use
  • use it for emails
  • etc

To be able to assign the domain successfully, you need to have access to your domain registrar . You need to be able to manage the domain yourself. For instance, if you haven’t added the DNS records. You will need to log in and add them on your Domain Manager. This was covered in the last video. Click ‘previous’ on the sidebar or below to watch how to add Nameservers.

Watch the Video and assign your domain. If your web host is not bluehost. And your WebHost uses Cpanel . You can manage to do the same thing. A crash process may be as follows

  1. First Add Your Nameservers ( This is done where you bought your domain)
  2. Log into your Web Host Cpanel
  3. Scroll down to Domains
  4. Under Domains, choose Addon Domains
  5. Give the domain a name eg bizanosa.com  (use your own domain name)
  6. Give the subdomain name. For easy identification, use the same name as your domain (eg for bizanosa.com use bizanosa)
  7. Actually, after filling in the  name field. Which is your domain, as said in step 5. The rest of the fields are filled in automatically based on your domain name.
  8. Click on Add Addon Domain . If your Nameservers are correct, then your website will be ready for set up .

If you are on Bluehost, watch the step by step video above to assign your new Domain to Bluehost.

If you are new to Bluehost, fear not. In the next video , I will do a crash course of the Cpanel. The Cpanel is where you will manage your website. See you then

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