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Last updated on June 2nd, 2018 at 04:21 pm

There are different types of articles on Bizanosa.com. Some are mostly made up of video content, some are images and others are written articles.

Some of the types of articles Bizanosa are:


Posts / Video Posts : Mostly Video Post Content for my YouTube video Tutorials. In most blog posts you will find that videos have been be embedded, in others, there are no videos embedded. View all Posts here >>


Articles : These are articles that list, review or cover a certain topic or category. Examples may include list of coursera courses to help you become a marketer. You will find various helpful content in this post category. There are a bunch of helpful articles here for you if you are interested.  View all Articles here >>


Quotes : These are image quotes. These are just images that I have posted on Instagram in the past. They contain quotes that vary in nature and meaning. If you love quotes you will be glad you checked them out.   View all Quotes here >>


Flashcards : These are images of notes. Notes used in some of my courses on Udemy. Some of the flashcards here are about introduction to programming. Feel free to check them out if that’s a topic of interest to you. You may View all here >>


All My Courses : This is a list of all my video courses on Skillshare and Udemy.  Some of the courses in this section are :

  • Full HTML and CSS Tutorial for beginners
  • Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • The Full GetResponse Tutorial for Email Marketing
  • JS from scratch – Learn Javascript as a beginner
  • The Full Intro to programming [ All Chapters ]
  • How to Capture Leads with MailMunch on your website
  • How to create a Blog with WordPress

View all Video Courses here >>





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