How to Add Multiple Videos to Your YouTube playlist

How to add multiple videos to your Youtube playlist.

Last updated on May 26th, 2020 at 04:35 am

This is how to add multiple videos to your Youtube playlist.

Watch the video above or read the post below if you want to select a couple of videos and add them to a playlist..

#1 . Just go to your Youtube dashboard. Log into the Youtube Studio.

#2 . Click on videos , to see all your videos.

#3 . You can select the videos you want to add to to the youtube playlist. You can even select all videos as shown in the video above.

#4. And then once you’ve selected the videos that you want to add to a playlist, Click Add to Playlist .

Playlists that already have some of the videos will be checked in black with a minus sign . SO if you uncheck them,videos will be removed from those playlist. So ignore them.

#5. Find the playlist where you want to add the selected videos. Check it, then, click on save.

#6 You can also create a new playlist where you want to add the videos. Click on Create playlist, give a name, click done. Then scroll through, to choose the playlist you have just created.

If you go to that playlist (where videos have been added), you’ll find that all the videos you’ve selected, have been added to it.

That’s how to add many videos to a playlist on youtube.

Watch the video above to see how to select many videos to add to playlist. Select many YouTube videos and add to a playlist. A very short video showing you how to select many videos on your YouTube dashboard and then add them to a playlist.

You can now create various playlists and add multiple videos to them . Playlists are a nice way to group related videos or videos covering a similar topic. Create them and share them in order to boost your channel views.

Watch the video if you want to select many video to add playlist on YouTube.

If you want to learn how to improve the quality of your Audio (Audio for your YouTube videos), watch this Free Audacity Tutorial Video or watch the Audacity Youtube Playlist here.

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